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Graduation performance of the XIII ACADEMY for THEATRE PRACTICES 

Finnegans Wake, James Joyce's final novel, is one of the most mysterious and difficult piece in history of literature. We have chosen some fragments of the novel as a source of inspiration and material to create artistic etudes. We relied on the translation of Krzysztof Bartnicki ("Finnegnów tren"). The performance also includes extracts from the "Finn’s Hotel" collection of short novels announcing Finnegans Wake. Joyce's work is immersed in the traditional culture of Ireland - that's why the fragments of the text will be accompanied by Irish music and a number of references to the story of the writer’s motherland, with which Joyce remained in a love-mockingly-hateful relationship throughout his creative life. The plot is sеt in an Irish pub, on a feast, at the wake of dead Tim Finnegan.


Cast: Olga Bogachevska (sister Isobel, Isolde), Judyta Bulman (Anna Livia), Agata Dromert (Anna Livia), Żaneta Górecka (Issy), Michalina Hanzel (Anna Livia), Joanna Kędzierska (Kate), Katarzyna Markiewicz (Lucia Joyce), Anna Nguyen (Anna Livia), Katarzyna Sanak (Issy), Beata Szymańska (Issy), Maciej Czerniak (HCE), Szymon Kałużny (Tristan, St. Patrick), Gergő Popa (Shaun the Post), Arkadiusz Jaskot (Tim Finnegan), Patryk Kowalczyk (Shem).


Artistic supervision:  Włodzimierz Staniewski

Development of Irish music and melodies: Szymon Kałużny

Song composition of Łucja Joyce to the words of James Joyce: Katarzyna Markiewicz

Poster: Judyta Bulman

Translation:  Krzysztof Bartnicki (version  I, from 2018 r.), Jan Lech (version II, 2019 r. currently played), Jerzy Jarniewicz ( parts of "Finn’s Hotel")

Director: Maciej Gorczyński




Sometimes famous stories are just a pretext for a great scenic enjoyment, like the premiere spectacle of OPT "Gardzienice" - "Finnegans Wake" by J. Joyce, where we observe a real show of musical-dance actors-performers with the accompaniment of Irish rhythms. However, if we realize how many efforts were put into young actors’ training and how many years were spent to create a real theatrical "center" in this place, admiration will be a much too small word to express the delight of the audience.



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