2011 – II F.T.B.

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2nd Festival of Errant Theaters

Gardzienice, 20-23 October 2011 

13 theater groups took part in the festival:

Teatr PółNocy (Gdańsk) with the play “Piaskownica”

Inoj Dance Theater (Warsaw): “The Tale of the Well”

Zet Academy (Lublin): “Weronika”

Maria Miotk (Tri-City): “The Princess Magpie and the Luminous Ball”

Side Theater (Lublin): “Niestąd”

EspaciEspiral (Spain): “Mare dulcis, terra incognita”

Artistic Collective Furu (Warsaw): “Moon, moon, dying …”

Artel A Creative Laboratory (Latvia): “Pushkin in the rain”

Teatr Brama (Goleniów): “The feeling in the sound”

Freaky Trip (Lublin): “Tango”

Krzyk Theater (Maszewo): “Exploration”

Kuba Kapral and Agata Elsner (Poznań): “Staruchy 2058”

performance by students of the 10th year of the Academy for Theater Practices – based on A. Stasiuk’s “Diary written at night”

In addition, as part of the festival, there were 3 concerts – by the Neurasja groups, B.O.K. and Proband – screenings of Wojciech Staroń’s films and 3 discussion panels, led by prof. Ireneusz Guszpita from the University of Wrocław IFIGENIA CYGAŃSKA (graduates of 7th and 8th APT Gardzienice; substantive supervision of W. Staniewski) to be presented at the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw during the Residence of the GARDZIENICE Theater “Włodzimierz Staniewski and his Theatrical Phalanster”.