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3rd edition of the National Festival of Youth Theaters “Kaleidoscope”

June 23-25, 2017

“New space, new inspirations”. “Kaleidoscope” for the first time in the premises of the Center for Theater Practices “Gardzienice”. We are glad that our theatrical meeting will take place this time in this magical place. We hope that also this year, each of the viewers will find something for themselves in the program of the event, and the performing bands will leave here with a new baggage of experiences. We would like to thank the volunteers, people cooperating in the implementation of the event, partners and patrons of our project.

The participants of the event took part in the competition, during which over a dozen groups from all over Poland, as well as the theater from Slovakia, presented themselves on stage. The teams’ struggles were assessed by jurors with extensive experience in acting and directing. The event was accompanied by guest performances, discussions and workshops.

All details about the festival also on the fanpage:


Bands that appeared on “Kaleidoscope” this year:

Kaprys Theater M2 (Paws)

Grain Theater (Kielce)

Exit Theater (Stalowa Wola)

Lepszy Profile Theater (Piotrków Trybunalski)

The Green Mrówa Satire Theater (Lublin)

Kukufas Theater (Zabrze)

Kaprys Theater (Lapy)

Integration Theater Group Pomost (Orzesze)

Zrkadlo Theater (Slovakia)

We encourage you to watch the report from the Festival:

Day I

The beginning of the 3rd Kaleidoscope National Festival of Youth Theaters


Theater Kaprys M2 (Lapy) – “Shades”


Theater “Exit” (Stalowa Wola) – “Wojenka”



Teatr Satyry Zielona Mrówa (Lublin) – “Lamp shade – art, or praise of the fly”



Guests of the evening – Poławiacze Pereł Improv Teatr


Day II

Lepszy Profile Theater (Piotrków Trybunalski) – “Who will run with me?”



Discussions of the performances presented on the previous day and the play “Who will run with me?”




Kukufas Theater (Zabrze) – “Long Berta”.



Integration Theater Group POMOST from Orzesze, performance “Ubu Król”



KAPRYS (Łapy) theater – “Taken from Songs”



The guest of the evening – Monika Kowalczyk



Morning training


ZRKADLO Theater (Slovakia) – “Učený z neba nikto nespadola





Guest of the evening – Kasia and the guys


Jury deliberations and minutes


Summary of the entire festival

Day I


Day II




Interviews with festival coordinators and jurors

Interview with the coordinators of the Festival


Interview with the juror – Jacek Król


Interview with the juror – Przemysław Buksiński


Interview with the juror – Joanna Holcgreber


Jury 2017

Joanna Holcgreber – actress, educator and culture animator. Since September 1995 he has been in the ensemble of the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices. Since then, he has actively and creatively participated in all theatrical and educational projects organized by and with the participation of the Theater. It is the core of the team. He specializes in conducting “reciprocal training” and “cheironomy” – specific forms of acting training, created and developed on the basis of “Gardzienice”.

Przemysław Buksiński – Actor, academic teacher, reciter, deriving from the word. Graduate of the Jagiellonian University. For 10 years, a trainer of stage improvisation techniques. Founder and artistic director of Epicenter of Theater Techniques at the Academic Cultural Center of UMCS “Chatka Żaka” in Lublin, originator of artistic meetings 3/4 SCENE Strength and night of improvisation. Winner of the Acting Award at the 17th National Festival of Comedy Talia in Tarnów in 2013. Since 2009, the host of the Cultural Awards Gala Żurawie in Polish Radio Lublin. Member of the Award Committee of the City of Lublin in 2009.

Jacek Król – theater, film and dubbing actor. He graduated from the PWST in Krakow in 1998. He collaborated, among others. with the Stary Theater in Krakow, Teatr im. Juliusz Osterwa in Lublin and the Studio Theater in Warsaw, creating over 30 theater roles. The most important of them include Gustaw-Konrad in Dziady Mickiewicza, dir. Krzysztof Babicki, Natan in Wyspiański’s Judges, dir. Anna Augustynowicz, or Azazella in The Master and Małgorzata Bułhakowa dir. Artur Tyszkiewicz.

The film debut was the role of Werbus in the crime comedy Vinci Juliusz Machulski.

Currently not permanently associated with any theater.

Workshop leaders:

TetianaOreshko comes from Kiev (Ukraine). In 2013, she graduated from the National University of Theater, Cinema and TV (Kiev). A graduate of the Academy of Theater Practices “Gardzienice”. Since September 2012, she has been employed at the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices. Currently, she takes part in performances and artistic and educational projects of the Gardzienice Theater as an actress and musician.

Marcin Mrowca – actor, educator, cultural animator, musician, founder of the music bands “Orkiestra pw. St. Mikołaja ”and“ Hojra ”. He has been cooperating with the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices since 1990, and since 1993 he has been permanently employed in the theater company. Actively and creatively participates in theatrical and educational projects organized by the Center. It is the core of the Center’s team that conducts teaching sessions, organized in many places in Poland and abroad, for students of theater schools, culture animators, actors and directors. She specializes in conducting music classes and working with the choir.

Paweł Kieszko – the main coordinator of theatrical technique, actor, instructor and trainer of theatrical physics at the Center for Theater Practices “Gardzienice”.

Participants and guests 2017


Kaprys Theater M2 (Paws)

Performance “Shades”

Duration of the performance: 30 minutes.

Friday, June 23, 2017 at 17.30

Directed by Radosław Zaremba

Scenario: team

About the show

“(…) Under this mask there is a face, but it is not me, I am not this face. Under this mask there is something more than the body, under this mask there is an idea… ”these words, like a refrain, appear in contemporary society, culture and everyday life. Is it true that each of us must put on a mask, become someone we do not want to be, in order to satisfy and live up to the expectations that come our way every day? Young actors of the workshop group of the “Kaprys M²” Theater will try to find an answer to this question in a metaphorical way.

About the theater

The group is made up of middle school and high school students. The group has been operating at the Cultural Center in Łapy for 6 years, but the cast of the show “Shades” are people making their debuts at the amateur theater stage. As they say themselves, they were brought here by their curiosity and the willingness to convey to the world their opinion on the topics bothering them. The group consists of 5 actors (2 men and 3 women), who are completely different, except for one, because of their passion and desire to discover the theatrical world. Radosław Zaremba, who is the director of the group and its guardian, started learning how to take the first steps in the amateur theater play of the young actors of the “Kaprys M2” Theater.


Grain Theater (Kielce)

The performance “The End of the World, or Satire for the Universe” (35 min.)

Duration of the performance: 35 minutes.

Friday, June 23, 2017 at 18.20

Directed by Dorota Anyż

Screenplay: Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, adapted by Dorota Anyż

About the show

The fate of the main character of the performance “Učený z nebaniktonespadol” is somewhat reminiscent of the history of Polish Janek the Musician. The main protagonist of the show is a boy named Vincent, whose parents get involved in numerous work on their farm. The boy has little contact with his peers and little time for children’s play. One day a man appears in their village who starts a brass band and encourages Vincent to become a member of it. In acting, the hero finds his true passion. Will the parents accept his choice?

About the theater

The “Zrkadlo” Theater was established by the literary and dramatic class of the J.L. Bella in Kremnica. The “Mirror” team is created by children and teenagers aged 7-18. Despite its short existence, the group managed to prepare several performances, such as: “Butterfly”, “Don’t go crazy”, “He has just arrived”, “Bajaja”, “In blind alleys”, “Twins”, “Oh God like me …”, ” Strange Janko “,” Zuzanka “. The group takes part in many national and international festivals, including Teatralna Nitra, Kolin Novy Jicin CZ, European Festival of Wigraszek, Ludick Romania, Jonava – Litva, Bareily – India.


The Center for Theater Practices “Gardzienice” is original.

Established in 1977 by Włodzimierz Staniewski, on the eastern wall of Poland, right next to the Iron Curtain, it has become known around the world thanks to its performances and rigorous theater practices. Staniewski was looking for a nursery, forgotten by God and history, isolated from the rest of the world, “where the devil says goodnight”, where nothing reaches and where nothing comes out of. He chose the village of Gardzienice. It was – for those times – not only an act of desperation but also a risk of civil suicide. The wonderful prospects offered to him by his theater patrons and the cultural milieu of Kraków and Wrocław have been broken.

People started talking about “Gardzienice”. Young people were drawn to Staniewski from everywhere. He offered them backbreaking work in a ravaged lamus (the legendary 5 x 7 m post-Marian chapel), a flat between a gumn and a pigsty and wandering through the lost villages (famous artistic and research expeditions) in order to “fraternize with the people” . environment.

Today we can risk a statement that the phenomenon called “Gardzienice” was one of the outposts of changes that took place in Poland after 1989.

Over the past 35 years, the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices has employed several dozen artists and cultural animators from Poland and around the world. Their several-year or even longer contributions to the mission and traces of their creative presence are recorded in the literature on the subject and in annals describing successive battles and stages of the theater evolution. Two of them deserve special recognition. They are Mariusz Gołaj and Tomasz Rodowicz.

In September 2013, a new theater complex was opened in Gardzienice. Brought to a complete destruction by successive rulers (during the sixty post-war years) – the architectural palace and park complex has now been raised from the ruins and ruins and miraculously restored.

Staniewski is the initiator of this project, author of the concept, fundraiser and executor of the implementation – down to the smallest detail. He calls this project his most important directorial work, his opus magnum.

The Gardzienice Theater has become well recognized for its in-depth research in the field of indigenous and ancient musical traditions, exceptional acting techniques (body, voice), thanks to commitment to creating in a natural environment and emphasizing the principles of reciprocity at work.

Alison Hodge, XX-century Actor’s Training, Routledge

Staniewski’s theatrical doctrine, called “the ecology of theater”, is mentioned today as one of the most important. Numerous artists and theater and animation groups, both in Poland and abroad, draw abundantly from the exploration and achievements of the Gardzienice Theater. The successive constellations of people whom Staniewski gathered around him constituted – always – an international variety. The exploration of Antiquity and turning to the literary, musical and mythological themes of antiquity made it possible to communicate over cultural and stereotypical divisions.

Tadeusz Kornaś – Włodzimierz Staniewski and the Center for Theater Practices, Homini

This extraordinary, intransigent (…) group, working under the inspiring leadership of Włodzimierz Staniewski … is, in my opinion, one of only a few significant theater groups in the world.

Susan Sontag in the note to Hidden Territories, Routledge


Guest performances: “Scenes from the Wedding”, “Elektra”

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 21.00

Directed by Włodzimierz Staniewski

Euripidesa – The Tragedy of Feelings. Director’s Note:

Euripides’ Elektra is a melodrama, scholars say, between tragedy and satirical drama, with heroicomic effects. It has a non-homogeneous structure. In art we recognize borrowings, interjections (some added after Euripides’ death), compilations, inconsistencies, causing disputes whether some words should be spoken by these and not other characters.

Myths in Greek theater were constantly reworked and reinterpreted. The variants (“variations”) were experimented and presented with a boldness that is hard to find in later epochs. Very little in mythical tales is unchanging and rigidly fixed. The plot, wrote Oliver Taplin, was not important, it was important how the poet turned it into drama. “The limitations are small, the space for artistry is huge” (Taplin witness). Euripides and others not only provided lyrics, but were also composers, choreographers, and directors. They had to conduct trials, the process of which could be tedious, full of tension, change, invariant searches, bouts of euphoria and doubt, invention and rejection, changing pace, capricious dynamics and crazy ideas.

Włodzimierz Staniewski

Scenes from WEDDING


Stanisław Wyspiański “Let no one cry over my grave”

The stage interpretation of Wyspiański’s Wesele is a wedding of madness with romantic love. Here Mary, under the cover of the night, whisper heartfelt curses and rotten greetings in our ear. From who? For whom? It is difficult for us to discern in this crazy dance on whose lips we are kissing. Impresja is enough for us. This one and only wedding night is our whole truth – about Poland, Slavicness and spirituality. So the text explodes into a moving image and Malczewski’s painting becomes a metaphysical impulse to act. The wedding invites us to an event on a dark night. To the goddamn dance over the rose corpse.



Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 18.00

Kowalczyk – songwriter, singer, songwriter. Actress of the Puk – Puk Theater and the Who’s There? from Świdnik.

24 April 2017 her debut album (EP) entitled “Songs” had its premiere.

For two years, he has been creating his own compositions and writing texts for them, and gives concerts all over Poland (so far many times in Lublin and, among others, in Łódź, Warsaw, Gdynia). She is a laureate of national music festivals, incl. Grechuta Festival Kraków or the FAMA Festival in Świnoujście. He also works as an instructor for children’s vocal groups.


Pearl fishermen. Improv Teatr “

Guest performances: “In the new cinema”, “Theater from the kitchen”,

Friday, June 23, 2017 at 21.30

At the beginning of 2015, a new theater improvisation group was established in Lublin. Przemysław Buksiński (the man who brought improvisation from Canada to Poland), together with the actors Łukasz “Szampanek” Szymanek and Remigiusz Jankowski, Marcin Wąsowski and Michał Łysiak from Kabaret Świerszczychrząszcz, and Mirek Urban – a psychologist, passionate juggler – for the first time stood in front of the audience and enjoyed on her suggestions, they created a virtual world of temporary and unique theater, whose aim is not a one-off smile caused by a quick joke or an easy joke. They strive for the truth, for a deep experience, for a situation in which the viewer views himself in a spontaneously created scene. Humor is not an end, it is only a means of getting to what is moving and what is important.

The improvisation itself is a collection of several rules of the actor’s behavior on stage. It allows you to tell stories, create characters and relationships, create the world. On the one hand, it’s a technique. On the other hand, it is a path of not only acting but also personal development. Pearl fishermen are mature men in their thirties. Their life experience and rich theatrical past, combined with the improvisation, is a perfect mix that provides viewers with an unforgettable experience. The performances of “Polawiaczy” are each time an experiment, they are a challenge, they are a leap into “deep water”. Before they begin, no one (not even the actors) knows what will happen, what topics will be covered, what stories will be told and what secrets will be revealed? The stage and the audience bring heroes to life, the heroes face problems, solve them or are overwhelmed by them. An energy is created that binds the actors, connects the space of theater illusion with the space of life. Pearl Fishers are open not only to new worlds of their stories. Often, during performances, ideas of new forms of acting appear, which are immediately incorporated into the performance.

Members of “Poławiaczy Pereł” willingly share their experience of improvisation and stage work during the workshops. These are not ordinary theater workshops. Their dynamics and the possibility of involving people who have never had contact with the stage before, make it possible for everyone to find themselves IN THEM. During the workshops, we learn: listening to the other person, dividing attention, concentration, being here and now, developing the ability to work in a group, creating together. All of this is based on simple fun and games that, in addition to improving our skills, bring joy and make you smile.



Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 17.30

“Kasia i Chłopaki” is a music project created in 2016. under the direction of Hubert Domański, representing the self-proclaimed “alternative sung poetry”, where the texts of the Puławy poet Jakub Wac were framed and enriched with an instrumental and vocal setting. The band won a distinction in the 39th edition of the Singing Poetry and Authors’ Songs “Sing out Poetry” Scena Młodych 2017 in Lublin.

Composition of the band: vocal: Alicja Rzepka, guitar: Marcin Marzec, bass: Mateusz Nowacki,

piano: Katarzyna Panecka, drums: Piotr Szymula.

2017 results


The jury composed of:

Joanna Holcgreber

Jacek Król

Przemysław Buksiński

After watching 8 competition performances on June 23 – June 25, 2017, it decided to award the following prizes and distinctions:

a distinction for the Lepszy Profil Theater, for efficiently telling a multi-layered story and trying to deal with building the character’s character in the performance,

a distinction for the team of the Kaprys M2 Theater for inviting viewers to their world of difficult questions, “asked” in the performance “Shades”,

a distinction for the Teatr Satyry Zielona Mrówa, for creative use of many means of artistic expression in the performance “Lampshade art – or praise of the fly”,

“Who will run with me?” a distinction for Natalia Raciborska for her role in the performance “From Songs”,

distinction for Karolina Kula and Wiktoria Siegert for their roles in the play “Long Berta”,

a distinction for Maxim Majer for his role in the performance “Učeny z neba nikło nespadol”

honorable mention for Mateusz Kamecki for his role in the play “Who will run with me?” acting award for Maciej Czerklański for his role in the performance “From Songs taken” acting award for Patryk Czardybon for his role in the performance “Ubu Król”.

3rd prize in the amount of PLN 500 for the Zrkadlo Theater from Slovakia for the performance “Učeny Z neba nikło nespadol”,

3rd prize in the amount of PLN 500 for the Integration Theater Group Pomost for the performance “Ubu Król”,

2nd prize in the amount of PLN 700 for the Kaprys Theater for the performance “From Songs taken”,

1st prize in the amount of PLN 1,000 for the Kukufas Theater for the performance of “Long Berta”,

1st prize in the amount of PLN 1,000 for the Output Theater for the performance “Wojenka”

200 PLN for Krzysztof Czubak for directing the play “Wojenka”,

200 zloty award for Nina Wolska for directing the play “Long Berta”,

Award for Adam Karasiewicz for directing the performance “From Songs” in the amount of PLN 200,

200 PLN award for Peter Luptovsky for directing the performance “Učeny z neba nikło nespadol”,

award for Iwona Woźniak for directing the performance “Ubu Król” in the amount of 200 PLN.

Summarizing this year’s edition of the Festival, the jury notices the enormous potential of young performers. He appreciates the courage, creativity and spirituality of actors. He suggests raising the workshop competences of the participants and encourages them to look for new inspirations and continue creative experiments, thank the organizers and volunteers for the efficient organization of the Festival.

Minutes of the commission counting the votes in the plebiscite for the audience award of the 3rd National Festival of Youth Theaters “Kaleidoscope”.

The committee was composed of: Sylwia Kośka, Łucja Mucha, Izabela Wilk. 61 votes were cast.

The Zrkadlo Theater took third place with 8 votes with the performance “Učenź z neba nikło nespadol”.

The 2nd place with 10 votes was taken by the Integration Theater Group Pomost with the performance “Ubu Król”.

The Kukufas Theater with the play “Long Berta” took the first place and the prize of PLN 300 with 22 votes.