Literary Meetings

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 “Literary Meetings GARDZIENICE – CZARNE” realized since 2000 in cooperation with the Publishing House “Wydawnictwo Czarne)”– Monika Sznajderman and Andrzej Stasiuk. They present in Gardzienice the authors from Central and Eastern Europe, whose books are published in Wydawnictwo Czarne.

Project supervisor: Marcin J. Mrowca

May 29, 2008 – Promotion of the book – Anthem of Democratic Youth – Serhij Żadan
and  a concert of  THE SOBAKI IN SPACE (Ukraina, Kharkiv);

December 14, 2007 – Promotion of the book – The Polar Summer – Anne Sward(Sweden)

October 27, 2007 – Andrzej Bieńkowski – The sold music; conducting; Ewa Grochowska, music: Stanisław Głaz – violinist. The projection of films from the ethnographic archive of the author.

12 June, 2007 – Fatos Kongol(Albania) The Dog’s Skin.

November 2006 – Exposition “10 years of   Wydawnictwo Czarne”,  Maciej Malicki  Takie tam.

November 2006 – Dubravka Ugrešić(Serbia)- the author of the books: the Ministry of Pain and the Culture of Lies

June 2006 – Meeting with Andrzej Stasiuk . The musical arrangement by Mikolaj Trzaska’s TRIO  with Marek Rogulski  and Michael Gos 

April 2006 – Karl-Markus Gauss(Germany) – author of the book the Dying Europeans.

December 2005 – Serhiy Żadan(Ukraine) – the author of the book the Big Mac

December 2005 – Martin Pollack – the author of the Patricide

October 2005 – Nenad Velickovic – the author of the book the Nomads

December 2004 – Natalia Śniadanko – the author of the book the Collection of Passion

November 2004 – Renata Šerelytė – the author of the Stars of the Ice Age

May 2004 – Romanian  writer Herta Müller – the author of the book Today I would prefer not to meet me

April 2004 – Andrzej Stasiuk, promoting his book Going to Babadag

November 8, 2003 – The conference: Other Europe, Other Cultures, Other Literatures – the opportunities and threats of integration; coordinator: Andrzej Stasiuk; and Symposium: Exposing Memory; coordinated by Włodzimierz Staniewski involving distinguished authors of the Publishing House Black: Andrzej Stasiuk, Maciej Malicki – Poland, Marius Ivaškevičius – Lithuania, Terrace Prochaśko – Ukraine, Rigels Halili – Albania

May 2003 – Ukrainian writer Yuri Andruchowycz – the author of the Perversion

April 2003 – Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić – the author of the book Stefcia Ćwiek in the clutches of life

December 2002 – Serbian writer Bora Ćosić – the author of My family’s role in the world revolution

May 2002 – Romanian writer Simona Popescu – the author of the book The Molting 

March 2002 – Lithuanian writer Marius Ivaskievicius – author of the book History of the clouds

December 2001 – Ukrainian writer Taras Prochaśko, with a collection of short stories Other days of Anna