Residence in Norway

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06 -27 września 2009 (Norwey)

03 – 24 października 2009 (Lublin, Gardzienice)



06 September 2009 – Opening ceremony of the Gardens and Gardens of the Theatre Project GARDZIENICE Theatre’s Archives film show, multimedia, photograph and photogramme presentation showing the 30 years’ long history of GARDZIENICE – Midgard Historical Centre – Borre; GARDZIENICE Theatre music concert – Borre Kirke

8 – 10 September 2009 – Master Class – theatre practices addressed to theatre practitioners and enthusiasts, groups and students. Włodzimierz Staniewski, Mariusz Gołaj and the GARDZIENICE Theatre actors will reveal connections between ancient acting techniques and still popular theatre rituals. They will also teach the acting and directing techniques worked out at the GARDZIENICE Theatre – Stokke, Fossnes Centre

12 September 2009 – A GARDZIENICE Theatre songs concert – an event accompanying the opening of an installation within the Path for the Eye project. An artistic gathering of the GARDZIENICE Theatre with the participation of the audience and the STELLA POLARIS Theatre members. Songs, scenes from scpectacles, orations, dances. Every participant will have a chance to show a spontaneous presentation. A film show from the GARDZIENICE Theatre archives – chosen film excerpts, events and cases will be presented with commentary. Multimedia, photographs and photogrammes will be exhibited – Stokke, Fossnes Centre

13 – 15 September 2009 – Włodzimierz Staniewski’s Master Class with participation of GARDZIENICE Theatre actors – Stokke, Fossnes Centre

18 – 19 September 2009 – An artistic marathon, COSMOS OF GARDZIENICE ; presentation of the following spectacles: MATAMORPHOSES OR GOLDEN ASS, ELEKTRA, IPHIGENIA AT A…, as well as spectacles by the Academy of Theatre Practices; a 4 – hour journey in time and space – Stokke, Fossnes Centre

20 – 22 September 2009 – A workshop conducted by GARDZIENICE Theatre actors – Stokke, Fossnes Centre

25 – 27 September 2009 – Presentation of the spectacle IPHIHENIA AT A… ,GARDZIENICE’s multimedia, photographs and photogrammes exhibition.

27 September 2009 – A film show from the GARDZIENICE Theatre archives. GARDZIENICE’s m ultimedia, photographs and photogrammes exhibition – Kulturkirken Jakob – Oslo




3 October 2009 – Opening in Grodzka Lublin. Outdoor scenes and an intim concert performed by STELLA POLARIS and scenes from the performance Trutor & Capitano, exhibition in the gallery in Grotzka, Lublin

6 – 9 October 2009 – Workshop I – Workshop med with Gardzienice studentgroup – Academia. Work on the performance THE DREAM OF THE SHAMAN

10 October 2009 – Childrens tournament with STELLA POLARIS. Workshop and performance with children from the Gardzienice village and students from the GARDZIENICE academia. Performed in the Garden of Gardzienice.

13 – 16 October 2009 – Workshop with GARDZIENICE student-group. Work with caracters – Ship of fools.

17 October 2009 – The performance THE DREAM OF THE SHAMAN with STELLA POLARIS and students from Theatre GARDZIENICE.

19 – 23 October 2009 – Workshop III – Workshop with the students from Theatre GARDZIENICE

23 October 2009 –  The performance SHIP OF FOOLS – STELLA POLARIS. Performed in the Park of theatre GARDZIENICE.

24 October 2009 – The conference GARDENS – A international conference about estetic design of the natural environment; about making the world beautiful. Genius loci. Speakers from Norway will be Karsten Jørgensen, professor of Landscape Architecture at Norwegian University of Life Sciences, where he currently is head of division of landscape design. Rainer Stange, Professor of Landscape Architecture and owner of the company Dronninga landskap AS; MAGIC EVENING with STELLA POLARIS; Great performances, presentation and consuption of specific Nordic Food – a beautiful GRAND FINALE.

I organize a Polish – Norwegian conference which will take place on October 24th 2009 and will be titled: GARDENS AND THE GARDENS OF THEATRE.

It is intended to be a dialogue of concepts concerning park complex, belonging to The Centre for Theatre Practices GARDZIENICE.

The main aim of the conference is to present different points of view and various  visions, created by certain specialists, serving to arrange the park complex. The point is to approach to the idea in a creative way.

I would like to ask to consider the fact that the vision of the final effect is not going to be connected just with the historical reconstruction. The park complex should also fulfill the theatrical functions. It is a kind of huge theatrical stage, on which certain parts of the park perform – in natural way – their parts.

They impress a stamp on the audience’s sensitivity and emotions. I mean, of course, the natural and architectural atractiveness ( as in Japan gardens), that stays in a strict connection with the arranged theatrical events, of the special impressing impact.

To accentuate the theatrical, or even metaphysical role of the park, I will use the quotation from Michail Bachtin: “All elements – the Sun, stars, the Earth… etc. – are given to man not as objects of individual contemplation nor selfless reflection… All objects are taken into the move of life, which makes them living participants of events. Te objects take part in the plot, they are not opposed to actions as their passive background.”

Włodzimierz Staniewski