Historyja bilbord druk maly Sredni

History of the glorious Resurrection of Christ

The performance entitled “History of the glorious Resurrection of Christ” is a co-production of Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Lublin and Gardzienice Theatre Practices Centre.

Mikołaj from Wilkowiecko – the author of the 16th century Resurrection mystery play – is Shakespeare’s contemporary, compared to him also in the context of the development of drama and theatre. The “History of…” is the most frequently performed play until the 19th century. The work was adapted by many outstanding artists of the Polish theatre, among others by Leon Schiller and Kazimierz Dejmek. Another attempt to transfer the drama onto the stage was made by Jarosław Gajewski – director and Patryk Kencki – dramatist.

In the Lublin adaptation of “Historiaia…” in the Lublin adaptation of “Historia…” the artists combine different worlds: sacrum and profanum, everyday life with religiousness, the contemporary with the ancient. It is also an exceptional meeting of actors from the repertory theatre of the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre with actors from the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”. In their joint work, the team of actors building the show worked according to the principle of reciprocity, which is characteristic of the Gardzienice style of work.

The old Polish text, the technique of the repertory theatre actors and the group from Gardzienice, the music and instruments in the hands of the director Jarosław Gajewski create a performance which will provide the audience with extraordinary emotions.

Directed by: Jarosław Gajewski
Dramaturgy: Patryk Kencki
Compositions and musical arrangements: Maria Pomianowska
Stage movement and cooperation: Katarzyna Anna Małachowska
Costumes: Anna Adamek
Set Design: Marek Chowaniec
Lighting design: Jędrzej Skajster
Music production: Karolina Szewczykowska, Agnieszka Szwajgier, Wojciech Lubertowicz
Stage manager: Klaudia Aletańska
Buffer: Małgorzata Bigelmajer
Assistant Director: Wojciech Rusin
Production manager: Anna Karolina Pioś

Actors of the Juliusz Osterwy Theatre and “Gardzienice” Centre for Theatre Practices:
Tomasz Bielawiec (Juliusz Osterwa Theatre), Anna Maria Dąbrowska (Gardzienice Theatre), Jolanta Deszcz-Pudzianowska (Juliusz Osterwa Theatre), Paweł Ferens (Juliusz Osterwa Theatre), Mariusz Gołaj (Gardzienice Theatre), Joanna Holcgreber-Gołaj (Gardzienice Theatre), Marcin Jan Mrowca (Gardzienice Theatre), Kamila Janik (Juliusz Osterwa Theatre), Joanna Holcgreber-Gołaj (Gardzienice Theatre), Marcin Jan Mrowca (Gardzienice Theatre). Juliusz Osterva), Beata Passini (Juliusz Osterva Theatre), Wojciech Rusin (Juliusz Osterva Theatre), Jowita Stępniak (Juliusz Osterva Theatre), Marek Szkoda (Juliusz Osterva Theatre), Magdalena Zabel (Juliusz Osterva Theatre), Jan Żórawski (Gardzienice Theatre).

Lublin premiere: 7 April at 19.00
Premiere: 9 April at 19.00

The event is finished.


Jun 30 2022


19:00 - 21:00

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