The letters of the 38-year-old Franz Kafka to the 24-year-old Milena Jesenska, a Czech journalist and translator living in Vienna, are a record of a deep understanding, impossible love and, at the same time, a mirror in which the author of “The Trial” looks at himself. The fire that consumed the writer in his relationship with Milena also brought about the most luminous fragments of his prose.
“Letters to Milena (Franz Kafka);

Premiere:  ,,Gardziencie” Centre for Theatre Practices 30.09.2017    

Musicians: Bart Pałyga, Anna Bochnak – Fryc
Adaptation: Kajetan Mojsak, Maciej Gorczyński;
Set design / projections / photos: Iwona Bandzarewicz;
Music: Bart Pałyga, Marek Główczyk, Łukasz Sabat (premiere)

Directed by: Maciej Gorczyński


Rhythms of Love, Steps of Death. Letters to Milena by Franz Kafka directed by Maciej Gorczyński, /Bogna Paprocka-Podlasiak – “Konteksty” no. 1-2 (320-321) 2018, vol. LXXII/