Włodzimierz Staniewki begins to cooperate with the Lublin theatre circles and with several people from the students’ environments in other cities.

The opening motifs for his theatrical workshops were drawn from the themes of Rabelais’ Gargantua and Pantagruel, folk songs from the Eastern regions of Poland and movement etudes. Staniewski works out an outline of his comprehensive artistic and research programme.

November, Zamość

The second GARDZIENICE Expedition.


The first Expedition (to the Zamość region) is undertaken as a step in the implementation of The Rural Programme designed by W. Staniewski. He proposes organizing monthly hike Expeditions to the villages in Eastern Poland. The Expeditions are intended to revive the natural environment of the theatre. Starting with the first one, the ensemble [initially composed of T. Rodowicz, W. Staniewski, J. Tabaka, W. Wróbel] presents AN EVENING PERFORMANCE based on François Rabelais’ themes and the lyrics of folk songs. AN EVENING PERFORMANCE had been presented about 150 times in Poland.

14 August, Gardzienice

W. Staniewski and his informal group [Jan Tabaka, Wanda Wróbel, Tomasz Rodowicz, Waldemar Sidor, Jan Bernad, Henryk Andruszko among others] run a theatrical workshop. He presents the results of his work to the local community.

January – November

Nine Expeditions, lasting few days each, are carried out to the Eastern parts of Poland [the regions around Lublin, Chełm, Zamość, Tarnobrzeg, Nowy Sącz – so called Gypsy villages, Biała Podlaska]. The participants include the ensemble members, theatre experts Zbigniew Osiński and Leszek Kolankiewicz, sociologist Włodzimierz Pawluczuk and other accompanying persons.

18 January, Lublin

At the motion of Włodzimierz Staniewski and 30 other founding members the GARDZIENICE Theatre Association is formally registered by the Lublin Province Office. Staniewski names the ensemble The GARDZIENICE Centre of Theatrical Practices. It is seated in the village with the same name. For its theatrical activities, the ensemble rents a devastated post Arian chapel in the former palace in Gardzienice. The office is located in Lublin.

December, France (Nancy, Lorraine)

Participation in Festival Mondial du Theatre ‘79 and the presentation of AN EVENING PERFORMANCE. An Expedition to the Lorraine region is organized. The ensemble is accompanied among ohers by a four-person Gvpsy band (Mirga family) from the Polish village of Szaflary.

July, Italy (Santarcangelo)

The ensemble participates in the 9th Festival Teatro in Piazza. An Expedition to the Apennines [Emilia Romagna region] is undertaken, Gatherings are held and AN EVENING PERFORMANCE is presented [cast: H. Andruszko, J. Bernard, P. Borowski, M. Gołaj, E.Majewska, J. Rodowicz, T. Rodowicz, J. Tabaka, W. Wróbel, A. Zubrzycka]. Among those taking part in the Expedition are the festival participants, Polish academicians and inhabitants from Polish villages.

June, Bulgaria (Sofia)

At the Congress of the International Theatre Institute Włodzimierz Staniewski outlines his programme in the paper For a new natural environment of theatre.

February – October

Six Expeditions [the regions around Zamość, Chełm, Białystok, Jelenia Góra, Tarnobrzeg, Nowy Sącz – Gypsy villages] are carried out.

May – December

Twelve Expeditions (to the Zamość, Tarnobrzeg, Łomża and Białystok regions) are organised. AN EVENING PERFORMANCE is presented, Gatherings are held and the work on a new performance is carried out.

May, Lublin

During the 2nd International Theatre Meetings W. Staniewski, assisted by T. Rodowicz, organises (in collaboration with the International Theatre Institute) a scientific session Theatre and Folk Traditions. Among those taking part are academicians and artists from the United States, Japan, Turkey, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Poland. The session is supplemented with workshops, demonstrations and an Expedition to the Zamość region.

October – November

Weekly performances of SORCERY.

September – October

During four Expeditions [to the regions around Jelenia Góra – the so- called Yugoslavian villages, Olsztyn, Białystok, Nowy Sącz — Łemkowszczyzna, an area inhabited by the Łemks community] the Gatherings are held and presentations of SORCERY and AN EVENING PERFORMANCE take place. The participants also search for material to be used in a new performance based on The Life written by Russian religious movement leader Avvakum Petrovich (1620-1682).

July, Federal Republic of Germany (Brueckendorf)

  1. Staniewski and his ensemble run theatrical workshops for German, Swiss, Austrian and Italian actors. Some of them (U. Hardt, F. Hoedl, among others) begin to cooperate with GARDZIENICE on a regular basis.

May – July, Italy

At the session The Music, the Performance, the Possession in Villa le Barone, Staniewski delivers a lecture on the need to search for the natural environment of theatre. While carrying out its Expedition in June, the ensemble presents Sorcery in Panzano, Pontadera, Turin, Pieve, Santarcangelo (at the 11th Teatro in Piazza) and many places in Tuscany. During the Expedition, Gatherings are held and fragments of AN EVENMING PERFORMANCE are presented.

May, Gardzienice

The Polish premiere of Sorcery directed by W. Staniewski (First cast: H. Andruszko, J. Bernad, later replaced by T. Rodowicz, K. Czyżewski, M. Gołaj, J. Rodowicz, J. Tabaka, W. Wróbel, A. Zubrzycka).


An Expedition to the Białystok region. Preparation of SORCERY based on Adam Mickiewicz’s Dziady (Forefathers’ Eve) and folk songs.

September – October, Italy (Sorano, Genoa)

An Expedition to the Ligurian region: presentations of SORCERY, theatrical workshops.

September, Lapland

An Expedition lasting several weeks (the concept of theatrum mundi with its idea to practise theatre towards nature). Numerous Gatherings, SORCERY presentations. The participants get acquainted with joik (a unique way of creating songs). The work on THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM continues.

August, Sweden (Stockholm, Goeteborg)

Participation in two festivals Scensommar Internationell Gruppteater- festival: six presentations of SORCERY in Stockholm and three – in Goeteborg; a theatrical workshop.

July, Italy (Settimo Torinese)

Presentation of SORCERY during the Viva Piazza Festival.

Jitly, Federal Republic of Germany (Erlangen)

The 22nd Theatre Meetings Gesichter Europas: performances of SORCERY and a theatrical workshop.

As a result of the imposition of martial law in Poland (December 13,1981), the activity of The GARDZENICE Association is suspended. Only closed re-hearsals may be held. The work on the new performance is carried on, including studies of the Orthodox music, songs and liturgy. The study of icons generates a specific training.

November, Gardzienice

The Polish premiere of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM in the post-Arian chapel. The cast includes four foreign actors: Ulrich Hardt, Franz Hodl, Wolfgang Niklaus, Susanna Philhoffer

September, France (Le Bridon, La Begude-de-Marenc)

Theatrical workshops.

19 August

The premiere of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM, scripted and directed by W. Staniewski, in a mountain chapel Chiesa di San Antonio al Fonte del Cerro near Trivento (Molise region).

First cast: H. Andruszko, M. Gołaj, J. Rodowicz, T. Rodowicz, J. Tabaka, A. Zubrzycka.

August, Italy (Trivento)

An Expedition to the mountains along the mules’ paths which have not been walked on since the previous century (another stage of Teatro della Terra programme).

January – July

Five Expeditions to fifteen Orthodox villages (the region around Nowy Sącz – Lemkowszczyzna, an area inhabited by the Lemks community; Suwałki, Biała Podlaska) during which Gatherings are held and presentations of AN EVENING PERFORMANCE, SORCERY as well as fragments of the new performance in preparation take place. Foreign participants (Theatre Beliashe from Norway and Milkway Theatre from West Berlin among others) also present the results of their work. About seventy trainees from Poland and other countries participate.

Spring, Gardzienice

Weekly performances of SORCERY; Gatherings.

Autumn, Gardzienice

During Gatherings organised all over the village, the ensemble presents the Marathon: all performances combined with a demonstration of elements of training and the documentation related to the Expeditions.


An Expedition to Grabarka – an Orthodox cult place.

June – August

Three Expeditions to the Nowy Sącz region (Orthodox villages) aimed at the «naturalisation» of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM in the Orthodox environment.

June, Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Participation in the Holland Festival: presentations of both Sorcery and THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM in Nieuwe Kerk.

May, Italy (Bologne)

Włodzimierz Staniewski takes part in the conference Teatro Polacca: Identita di una Cultura.

Autumn, Gardzienice

The work on the creation of all-night-long theatrical activities (all performances and results of the studies of Teatro della Terra).

October, Sweden (Lund)

A seminar for students of a theatre school.

September, Denmark (Arhus)

Performances of SORCERY, The THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM, a Gathering and a demonstration of the actor techniques.

September, Norway (Bergen, Svelvik)

Gatherings with references to the nature of SORCERY. During The International Theatre Festival, M. Golaj and T. Rodowicz run a seminar for students of a theatre school in Bergen.

August, Sweden (Stockholm)

Participation in Scensommar Internationell Groppteaterfestival: performances of SORCERY and THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM combined with Gatherings and demonstrations of work methods.

July – August, Norway, Finland

The second Expedition to Lapland (in cooperation with the Norwegian Theatre Beliashe). Open-air Gatherings. The ensemble is accompanied, among others, by W. Pawluczuk.

Summer, The United States

W. Staniewski and T. Rodowicz go on a trip to visit several Indian tribes (Zuni, Hopi, Havasupai).

Spring, Gardzienice

Workshops with pupils from secondary schools and students.

March – April, Federal Republic of Germany (Muenster, Stuttgart)

W. Staniewski runs a theatrical training in Theather Pumpenhaus in Muenster. The training results in a performance establishing a new theatre group. Presentations of SORCERY and THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM in Stuttgart (Artaud’s Week).

January – February, Switzerland (Basel, Zurich)

Participation in the theatre review Religion – Ritual – Toleranz: performances of SORCERY and THE LIFE OF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM.

November, Federal Republic of Germany (Munster)

Presentation of The Marathon. A theatrical workshop for actors.

August – September, Switzerland (Basel, Binn)

Presentation of AN EVENING PERFORMANCE [revived], SORCERY and THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM at the culture festival in Basel. An Expedition – carried out together with many festival participants – to the mountain region of the Wallis canton, along the routes taken by Goethe and the romantics and ending with AN EVENING PERFORMANCE and an all-night-long Gathering.

June – July, United States (Baltimore, Md., Boston, Cambridge, Mass)

Participation in the Theatre of Nations Festival in Baltimore: presentation of the Gathering – THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and The Marathon in St. Vincent a Paulo Church. Similar performances in Boston and Cambridge and a series of practical and theoretical seminars.

June, Canada (Toronto)

Theatrical workshops within the framework of The International Theatre Training Congress. Presentation of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and The Marathon cycle: SORCERY — Gathering – THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM, the methods of artistic work and documentation during The World Stage Festival.

May – June, United States (Boston, Cambridge, Mass)

Theatrical training and workshops for the academic and theatre circles.

November, Belgium (Gent)

Performances of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM during the festival The Poles Are Coming.

October, Mexico

W. Staniewski’s reconnaissance, following Artaud’s route, to meet the Tarahumara Indians.

June, Lublin, Gardzienice

W. Staniewski, assisted by J. Rodowicz, organises an international symposium The Nature of the Word in Theatre Cultures. It is focused on primordial techniques of singing, voice expression and musical structures of the speech (as the issues linked to the work on a performance based on CARMINA BURANA). Among those taking part in the symposium are theatre practitioners and theoreticians from Japan, Israel, the United States, the Federal Republic of Germany, Norway, Sweden, Lapland and Poland. Theatrical workshops and performances are held.

May, United Kingdom, Ireland

A research reconnaissance undertaken by W. Staniewski in connection with a new planned performance.

March – May, Gardzienice

A series of workshops for small groups of trainees. Presentations of THE LIFE OF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM

November, Warsaw

Participation in the 5th International Theatre Meetings: performance of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM.


An Expedition to the Zamość region: a post-reconnaissance.

September – October, Gardzienice


August, South Korea (Seoul)

Participation in The Seoul Olympic Arts Festival: presentations of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM. W. Staniewski undertakes a reconnaissance to get acquainted with the shaman Ku’t ritual.

June, United States (New York)

Participation in The First New York International Festival of the Arts: eleven performances of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and Gatherings drawing on the musical motifs from CARMINA BURANA (in the chapels of St. John the Devine Cathedral).

April, Gardzienice


14 December, Gardzienice

The Local Authority in Piaski decides to handle over to the ensemble for perpetual lease the ruined palace outhouse in the village of GARDZIENICE. Restoration of the preserved rooms and reconstruction of the destroyed part of the outhouse begins. The GARDZIENICE – Mill company composed of the ensemble members purchases an old mill, which – when restored – is going to serve its original purpose as well as host cultural activities.

October, Hungary (Budapest)

Participation in the 6th Festival of the Theatres of Movement — presentation of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM.

Summer, Greece (Mount Athos, Athens)

W. Staniewski’s reconnaissance to Mount Athos in search of musical material for CARMINA BURANA.


An Expedition to the Kurpie region (the Northern part of Mazovia), involving The Semester of Theatrical Practices participants.

April – May, United Kingdom

Participation in the International Theatre Conference Points of Contact: Performance, Nature, Culture in Dartington: a Gathering, a demonstration of the methods of the ensemble’s work, presentation of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM. Druidstone Haven: a theatrical workshop initiating cooperation with the British theatre circles. Cardiff: presentation of The Marathon and Avvakum. Participation in the Fest Glasgow Mayfest: presentation of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM, participation in the Brighton International Festival: The Marathon.

March, Gardzienice

A preliminary meeting organised for participants in The Semester of Theatrical Practices – a training programme addresses mainly to the students’ circles all over Poland. It includes theatrical practice and seminars as well as the organisation of expeditions and gatherings. Since then workshops for students, run by the most experienced GARDZIENICE actors (Mariusz Gołaj, Tomasz Rodowicz and later also others) under W. Staniewski’s leadership, have been held regularly a few times a year.

March, United Kingdom

A reconnaissance undertaken by Anna Zubrzycka and Tomasz Rodowicz.

March – April, Gardzienice



Anna Zubrzycka goes on a reconnaissance to Australia and Mariusz Golaj to New Guinea.

December, Czechoslovakia (Prague)

Centre of the Polish Culture: W. Staniewski (accompanied by A. Zubrzycka and G. Bral) demonstrates the methods of the ensemble’s work.

November – December, Gardzienice


October, Gardzienice

An international seminar Theatrical Practices and Ecology brings together theoreticians and practitioners from the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Soviet Union, Greece and Poland as well as those taking part in the GARDZIENICE Seminar of Theatrical Practices. Among the activities carried out are lectures, theatrical workshops, concerts as well as a Gathering for the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages. THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and CARMINA BURANA and – for the first time in Poland – CARMINA BURANA are performed (with the changes in the composition of the choir which is led by E. Podlesna).

August – September, Italy

Presentation of HE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM in Faenza; participation in The International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance in Bergamo: The Marathon with musical fragments from CARMINA BURANA; a theatrical workshop. On September 3 the first public concert based on the musical material for CARMINA BURANA takes place in a hermitage San Pietro Alle Stinche (cast: G. Bral, M. Golaj, A. Hodge, S. Krai, D. Porowska, T. Rodowicz, J. P. Thomas, H. Wahlgren, A. Zubrzycka).


Participation in the Feast of Transfiguration celebrations on Grabarka (an Orthodox cult place).

Summer, Gardzienice

Rehearsals of CARMINA BURANA in the mill.

May – June, Gardzienice

A work-session for the actors of the Alibi Theatre from London. Small Expeditions to several places are organised during the session. Catherine Corrigan and Emma Rice start cooperation with GARDZIENICE on a regular basis. First shots for Jacek Petrycki’s film about the activity of the ensemble.

April, Warsaw

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland awards GARDZIENICE a Diploma of Recognition for their outstanding contribution to the dissemination of the Polish culture abroad.

1 January

The GARDZIENICE Centre of Theatrical Practices changes its legal status and is transformed from an association into a national cultural institution.

December, United Kingdom (Stratford)

Włodzimierz Staniewski, accompanied by G. Bral, M. Gołaj, E. Podleśna, D. Porowska and A. Zubrzycka runs a six day work-session for the actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

October, Sweden (Stockholm)

The second Polish-Swedish symposium Theatre and Culture: the Provinces and the Centre. Lectures, seminars, demonstrations of the work methods.

September – October, the Ukraine

The first Expedition to the Ukraine. The ensemble is accompanied by actors and theatre directors from the United Kingdom, Italy and the Ukraine as well as the GARDZIENICE Seminar participants. Jacek Petrycki films For a New Natural Environment of Theatre.

September, Gardzienice

Another international symposium Theatrical Practices and Ecology involving the GARDZIENICE Seminar participants: workshops, concerts, demonstrations. Among those taking part are theatre practitioners and theoreticians as well as musicians from Ireland, Italy, Greece, the Soviet Union and Poland.

August – September

W. Staniewski’s reconnaissance to Turkmenistan

July, Federal Republic of Germany (Munich)

The Festival Dialog mit Polen: presentation of CARMINA BURANA.

May – June, Cracow

The Life of Archpriest Avvakum and CARMINA BURANA are presented as part of the artistic events accompanying a symposium of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

May – September, Gardzienice


May, Federal Republic of Germany (Mulheim)

Participation in Theaterlandschaft Polen 3 Jahr — presentation of CARMINA BURANA.

April, Sweden (Gotland, Stockholm)

The first Expedition to Gotland. At The Polish Institute in Stockholm W. Staniewski demonstrates the actor’s work during the session organised by the Jordcircus Theatre.

April, Lublin, Gardzienice

A Polish-Swedish symposium Theatre and Culture: the Provinces and the Centre brings together critics, actors, directors and theatre animators. Lectures, practical sessions, presentations and concerts are organised.

February – April, Gardzienice


April, The Ukraine, Huculsland (a region in the south-western part of the Ukraine, inhabited by the Hucul highlanders)

A reconnaissance by H. Andruszko and M. Rychły preceding the Expedition to the Ukraine.

 November – December, United Kingdom (Stratford)

W. Staniewski conducts a two-week theatrical workshop for the actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

September – October, Ireland, Wales, England

The International Workshop Festival in Derry: presentation of the Diptych; a theatrical workshop. An Expedition around Ireland. Presentations of CARMINA BURANA in Nottingham, Cardiff, Dartington as well as in the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford. The Diptych is also presented in London (St. Paul’s Church, Hammersmith).

August, Sweden (Gotland)

Sixteen participants in the GARDZIENICE work-sessions organise on their own a sailing Expedition to Gotland; together with the ensemble, they also take part in W. Staniewski’s open-air Event , Performances of Carmina… in Gotland, Stockholm, Umea and Sundsvall.

June, Cracow

At the European Month of Culture the ensemble presents the Diptych and a Gathering. Musicians from Ireland and the Huculsland (a region in the south-western part of the Ukraine, inhabited by the Hucul highlanders) take part.

April, Poznań

Two performances of the Diptych at the invitation of the Theatre of the Eighth Day.

March – July – August, Gardzienice

Regular presentations of the Diptych (THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and CARMINA BURANA). Numerous work-sessions for the students of the Warsaw University Department of Polish Culture. The participants of the Course for Theatre Instructors are preparing their own Expedition to Gotland.

February, Warsaw

The ensemble participates in the 21th Warsaw Theatre Meetings and presents THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and CARMINA BURANA


First shots for a television adaptation of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and CARMINA BURANA.

7-10 October

The symposium Hidden Territories crowning the Expedition to the Ukraine. All over the place, indoors – in the Outhouse, The Avvakum Hall, the mill and village cottages – and outdoors in the village of GARDZIENICE concerts, demonstrations, theatrical sketches, performances and presentations of the Expedition documentation are held. The Expedition participants, foreign guests, the GARDZIENICE course participants, music bands and many theatre ensembles take part.

September – October, The Ukraine

The International Artistic and Research Expedition Hidden Territories

The participants, divided into two groups, go on a trip to the region around Odessa, the Dniester river area, the Southern Polesie (an area in the Bug, Desna, Dnieper and Prypeć river basins), and the East Carpathians (the neighbourhood of Verchovina] as well as the Crimea, Zaporoże, the Eastern Ukraine, the Northern Polesie (an area in the Bug, Desna, Dnieper and Prypeć river basins), and the Huculsland (an area inhabited by the Hucul highlanders) in the Carpathians.

At the end of the Expedition there are about sixty people taking part, including: the GARDZIENICE ensemble, the GARDZIENICE course participants, two theatre ensembles (from London and Los Angeles) and theatre researchers, directors, actors from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, the Ukraine and Poland. In the Huculsland, the Expedition ends with a great Gathering. Later, in Lvov, the Kurbas Theatre hosts performances given by the ensembles participating in the Expedition, meetings and concerts of traditional musicians. Also in Lvov, GARDZIENICE present THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and CARMINA BURANA in the Dominican Church.

August – September, Gardzienice

Work-sessions and training to prepare the ensemble for the Expedition to the Ukraine.

July – August, Japan (Toga, Mito)

Participation in the Toga Festival 93: presentation of the Diptych. In Mito the ensemble presents THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and CARMINA BURANA


W. Sadowska and P. Allain’s reconnaissance to the Ukraine.

June, Gardzienice

Workshops to prepare the implementation of the project Hidden Territories (the Expedition to the Ukraine).

May, Toruń

The International Theatre Festival Contact 93: presentation of the Diptych.

May, Wrocław

The 30th Festival of Polish Contemporary Plays – presentation of the Diptych.

April, Gardzienice

A workshop run by the GARDZIENICE actors and Cecily Berry from the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford for the Gardzienice course participants. Presentation of the Diptych.


W. Staniewski and J. Rodowicz go on the reconnaissance to Japan.

March, Gardzienice

Young musicians, GARDZIENICE trainees, form a band called Hojra which cooperates with the ensemble to carry out the Expedition to the Ukraine.

October, France (Paris)

W. Staniewski, M. Sadowska, T. Rodowicz and C. Corrighan, take part in a meeting De la Parole aux Chants organised by Academie Expérimentale Des Theatres: a lecture and a demonstration of the actor’s work.

October, Gardzienice

The crowning of the all-year cycle of courses for instructors: an Artistic Gathering, organised by the course participants under W. Staniewski’s supervision. Among those taking part are singers from Suchumi (a Black Sea port in Georgia), Gypsies from Slovakia, women from the Pottava river region (the Ukraine), the ensemble of the Kurbas Theatre in Lvov.

July – September, Gardzienice

Another workshop for Theatre Instructors and Culture Animators. Work on the new performance continues.

June – August, Cracow

An exhibition A Labyrinth Called Theatre (BWA – Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions) includes elements of the AVVAKUM scenography. Małgorzata Dziewulska hosts the meeting with Włodzimierz Staniewski at the Old Theatre.

May, Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Participation in the 4th International Theatre Festival: presentation of CARMINA BURANA. W. Staniewski and several actors take part in the Capueiros performance and the Condomble ritual.

May, Warsaw    .

Studio Gallery presents Theatrical Practices of Włodzimierz Staniewski’s GARDZIENICE (AVVAKUM scenography, theatrical accessories, photogrammes from the Expeditions and performances). During the opening M. Gołaj and C. Corrighan demonstrate actor’s techniques.

During the Gathering with the Hojra band, the television adaptations of THE LIFE oF ARCHIPREST AVVAKUM and CARMINA BURANAa as well as Jacek Petrycki’s film For a New Natural Environment of Theatre are presented.

May, Warsaw

A session organised by the Warsaw University Department of Polish Culture, covering the GARDZIENICE Expedition to the Ukraine. W. Staniewski gives a lecture; films and actor’s techniques are presented.

April, Wrocław

<Gardzienice> and the course participants take part in the session Theatre, Space, Body, Place organised by the Wrocław Friends of GARDZIENICE Society: demonstration of actor’s work techniques by Mariusz Gołaj and Catherine Corrighan; a preview of the film adaptation of Avvakum.

February, Gardzienice

Continuation of the course for Theatre Instructors.

December, Gardzienice

Irish Nights: a series of Gatherings, concerts, workshop activities. Musicians from Ireland, the course participants and the villagers take part.

November, Katowice

The 4th Upper Silesia Festival of Chamber Music: presentation of CARMINA BURANA and a demonstration of the actor’s work techniques. The opening of Mira Żelechower-Aleksiuns exhibition (at the Centre of the Polish Scenography) entitled My — Our GARDZIENICE: on the Centre of Theatrical Practices.

October, Wrocław

Włodzimierz Staniewski gives a lecture at the University of Wrocław and conducts a workshop programme. Songs for the future performance are presented.

October, Federal Republic of Germany (Berlin)

Grenzenlos [Meetings with the Polish Culture]: presentation of CARMINA BURANA.

August, United States (Boulder, Co., New York)

W. Staniewski, accompanied by M. Gołaj, D. Porowska, M. Mrowca and M. Sadowska, conducts theatrical workshops at The Naropa Institute, School of Continuing Education.

August – September, Gardzienice

Presentations of CARMINA BURANA.

January, United Kingdom (Stratford)

A work-Session for a group of actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company: the work on the theatrisation of Apuleius METAMORPHOSES. W. Staniewski and Howard Brenton work together on the dramatisation of the future performance.

Autumn – winter, Gardzienice

The work on the new performance continues.

November, Kłodzko

Participation in the 6th International Collision of Theatres: two presentations of CARMINA BURANA, presentation of the work techniques (including the musical material for METAMORPHOSES).

November, Ireland

Work-sessions – the continuation of the Irish project – run by Włodzimierz Staniewski, accompanied by M. Gołaj, M. Mrowca, M. Sadowska, E. Rojek, K. Forsmo and M. Rychły.

The first concert rehearsal for METAMORPHOSES.

November, Federal Republic of Germany (Landsberg)

Two presentations of the Diptych.

September, Egypt (Cairo)

Participation in the International Festival of Experimental Theatre: three presentations of CARMINA BURANA. The award of critics and audience for GARDZIENICE. Gatherings arranged by GARDZIENICE in the traditional enclaves.

July, Sweden (Lulea)

Participation in the Nordanlandens Teaterfestdagar – three presentations of CARMINA BURANA.

March, Warsaw

During a meeting at the University of Warsaw W. Staniewski introduces Howard Brenton. The session is devoted to the work on Apuleius. A musical Gathering is organised.

14 -15 October – The celebration of two decades Center for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” at the „Maly Theatre” in Warsaw organized by “Studnia O”.

9 October – Promotion of the book by Zbigniew Taranienko “Gardzienice. Practice Theatre Wlodzimierz Staniewski.” The performance of Metamorphosis.

8 – 9 October – As part of the International Theatre Festival “Confrontations” celebration held two decades theater.

7 – 8  October – Pre-premiere show of Metamorphosis written by Apuleius.

September – The inauguration of the first edition of the Academy for Theatre Practices.

26 – 28 September – Jewish Culture Festival “Taste of Shabbat” (lead – Rabbi Michael Schudrich), and the exhibition of works Mira Zelechower-Aleksiun.

Each month held a session of the Academy for Theatre Practices.

November – The tour on invitation of Double Edge Theatre (USA).

October – Presentation THE METAMORPHOSES at the Festival “Landscape X” (Sweden), dedicated to utopia and dystropia held within the project “Stockholm – Cultural Capital of Europe ’98”.

30  October – Gardzienice – session “Imagination anthropological” with the participation of the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University.

October – Presentation THE METAMORPHOSES at the International Theatre Festival “Confrontations” (Lublin).

June – Shows THE METAMORPHOSES at the International Theatre Festival in Porsgrunn (Norway).

May – Lemkovyna – Reconnaissance of the students of the Academy of Theatre Practices. Presentation CARMINA BURANA in Olchowiec.

Each month held a session of the Academy for Theatre Practices.

12 – 16 October – International symposium „MISTERIA and Initiation” by  Włodzimierz Staniewski as part of the Festival “Krakow 2000”.

October  – Presentation THE METAMORPHOSES at the International Theatre Festival “Mess” (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo). The award of “Golden Laurel Wreath”.

6 – 9  October – At the International Theatre Festival “Confrontations” (Lublin, Gardzienice), took place 1st edition of OFF-Confrontation.

August  – Reconnaissance of the students of the Academy of Theatre Practices (Slovakia).

2 – 4 July  –  Presentation of “Cosmos of Gardzienice” in Berlin.

25 – 29  June – Presentation THE METAMORPHOSES in Parochialkirche at the International Festival of Theater der Welt  (Berlin).

22- 23 May –.  Reconnaissance of the students of the Academy of Theatre Practices (Lemkovyna – Olchowiec).

March – Presentation THE METAMORPHOSES  at The Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw during the Festival  Theatre End of the Age.

Each month held a session of the Academy for Theatre Practices.

16 – 17 December  –  The first edition of meeting „Ukraine – Poland – Europe” (Gardzienice, Lublin). Distributed CD music from performance THE METAMORPHOSES.

7 – 14 October  – Festival Mysteries and Initiations by Wlodzimierz Staniewski within the project “Krakow 2000”. Numerous presentations, lectures, workshops, films about the activities of the Centre for Theatre Practices. Presentation THE METAMORPHOSES.

4 – 7 October  – Festival OFF – Confrontations  (Lublin, Gardzienice).

8 – 13 August  –  “Balkan Nights” at Gardzienice. Concerts, workshops and lectures with the participation of the High Singing Group from the village Satovcza in the Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria) and the team of Slobodan Markowicz from Slatina the village on the border between Serbia and Romania.

30  May – 8 June  – On the invitation of the Centre for Study of Jerzy Grotowski and Theatrical-Cultural’s Searching and the Mayor of Wroclaw team presents five times THE METAMORPHOSES and „Cosmos of  Gardzienice”. At the University of Wroclaw held workshop sessions.

15  January  – Meeting New Year for residents Gardzienice and the surrounding area.

Each month held a session of the Academy for Theatre Practices and „Cosmos of Gardzienice”.

4 – 5 December – Ancient Orchestra’s concerts with the participation of Bulgarian musicians Theodosis Spassov and Stoyan Yankulov. 

30 November – 2 December –The third edition of the project „Ukraine – Poland – Europe”.

24 – 27 October – OFF – Confrontations (Lublin, Gardzienice). First show of scenes from THE DEAD CLASS (dir. Krzysztof Miklaszewski) performed by graduates of the second edition of the Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” and also the first concert of Ancient Orchestra.

28  August – 2 September – Reconnaissance Marcin Mrowca and Mariana Sadowska in Ukraine.(Kiev, Połtawszczyzna-Krieczkiwka, Polesie).

15 – 31 July  – Reconnaissance Tomasz Rodowicz and Maciej Rychły in project Ancient Orchestra (Bulgaria).

23 – 25 May – The share in the III International Theatre Olympiad organized by the Vsevolod Meyerhold’s Moscow Centre. Presentation of „The Metamorphoses” and a master class for actors, directors and students.

21  January – 2 March – Expedition artists Theatre “Gardzienice” to the USA. Numerous presentations of THE METAMORPHOSES. Wlodzimierz Staniewski’s lectures and workshop sessions. Reconnaissance for the Indians of Taos Pueblo and Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico.

Each month held a session of the Academy for Theatre Practices and „Cosmos of Gardzienice”.

20 December  – Concert of The Ancient Orchestra at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

15 – 18 December – The master class for actors and directors was led by Włodzimierz Staniewski (Latvia, Riga).

14 December – Guest of the Literary Meetings (Lublin) was Bora Ćosić, author of the novel „The Role of my family in the world revolution”. Meeting was led by Andrzej Stasiuk.

20 – 27 November  –  Performances Theatre “Gardzienice” and workshop sessions were led by artists Center in Alcaniz and Zaragoza (Spain) organized as a part of the Polish Year in Spain in collaboration with the Centre for International Cultural Cooperation and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

8  – 13 October –The celebration of the 25th Anniversary the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”. Took place as part of the VII International Theatre Festival “Confrontations” (Lublin, Gardzienice). Wlodzimierz Staniewski, Commissioner of Festival, had planned it in large part as a meeting of prominent theater artists from Russia and the USA.

18 August – Concert The Ancient Orchestra at the inauguration of the Festival of Song Our Roots (Jaroslaw).

1 – 11 August – Consortium for Theatre Practices at Gardzienice, work session involving a group of students, actors and directors from the USA, students of the Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” and participants from France and Australia.

1 July – The ceremony at which Wlodzimierz Staniewski, Tomasz Rodowicz and Mariusz Golaj decorated by the President of the Polish Republic of the Order of the Rebirth of Polish(Gardzienice).

29  June – 1 July  – During the Programme of Rural at Gardzienice took place teams concerts from Russia and Portugal (part of the XVII International Folklore Meetings in Lublin).

27 – 29 June – Master class in Warsaw Theatre Academy (part of the International Festival of Theatre Schools) led by Włodzimierz Staniewski and actors of Centre for Theatre Practices.

20 – 23 June  –Włodzimierz Staniewski took part in the international Symposium on Contemporary Performance of Ancient Greek Drama (Los Angeles, USA).

15 June – The Ancient Orchestra concerted at Gardzienice with the participation of Bulgarian musicians Theodossi Spassov and Stoyan Yankulov.

May –  Meeting with the Romanian writer Simon Popescu, author of the book „Wylinka”, (Lublin).

March – April   – “Meeting 1” – The exhibition of sculptures of Adam Myjak and paintings by Marian Czapla in the Gallery of the Centre for Theatre Practices (Lublin).

March  – The cyclical “Literary Meetings Gardzienice – Black”. Guest was Marius Ivaskievicius Lithuanian writer, author of the book „History from the cloud”.

February   – Exhibition of photos by Magda Kamola “Enchanted Polesie” in the Gallery of the Centre for Theatre Practices (Lublin).

20  January  – New Year’s Meeting for residents Gardzienice and the surrounding area.

December – The exhibition “New Year’s Meeting at Gardzienice”.

6 – 21 December – The Project  „Ukraine – Poland – Europe”.

5 December  – Opening of the exhibition “The Golden Bough” was inspired by explorations of  Theater „Gardzienice”. Part of  the exhibition were works and drawings designed by Teresa Targońska “Scraps of hot notes” from Spain.

8 November –  International conference “Other Europe, other cultures, other literature – opportunities and threats integration” with the participation of authors published by Czarne .

The conference and symposium “Unveiling Memory” conducted by Włodzimierz Staniewski. Concert Hutsul band “Cheremosh” from Verkhovyna (Ukraine).

9 – 24 November  –  The Ancient Orchestra visited at Atlantic College in Wales. Worked together with Earthfall Dance.

29 September  – The Ancient Orchestra concert organized together with the Austrian Academy of Sciences Seminar “Antike Music”  (Vienna). The other ancient music performers from Greece, Germany and Austria were involved also in that concert.

29 September – 1 October  – International seminar musicological “Performing Ancient Greek Music Today” organized by the Austrian Academy of Sciences  (Vienna) and co-organized by the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”.

January – May – The “Practice theater for high school students”,  three times a week in High School in Lublin took place the study of ancient culture. Classes were led by Dorota Porowska and Elizabeth Rojek, instructors of Center for Theater Practices.

17 – 26 July – Integration project “Local Community” with participation of students of the Institute of Fine Arts University in Lublin and local residents.

6 June – The Ancient Orchestra Project – Lesson of Antiquity. The concert and seminar in Slupsk at Art Festival – Greece, 2003.

30 May – Presentation of the book by Dr. Ireneusz Guszpit “Scenes from my theater,” as the project “Literary Meetings Gardzienice – Czarne”. The meeting with the author was led by Mariusz Gołaj.

21 – 23 May – Workshops, presentations and seminars workThe Ancient Orchestra at the Centre for Study of J. Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, with participation Earthfall Danc.

17 May – Presentation of the book Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych “Perversion” in the cycle “Literary Meetings Gardzienice – Czarne. “The meeting with the author was led by Andrzej Stasiuk.

15 May – Concert Orchestra of Ancient  in Krakow connected to the promotion of the book by J. Landels „Music of Ancient Greece and Rome” and Ancient Orchestra CD (part of the project “Unknown Sources European Music – Ancient Greece”).

8 May – Show of antique figures at the conference “Cultural far and near” organized by Student Scientific Cultural Department of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin.

April – May – Work on the reconstruction of the instruments by the Ancient Orchestra. Beginning of the international project “Unknown Sources of European Music – Ancient Greece”. Recording in the studio Hard-Record in Warsaw CD included with the book by J. Landels „Music of Ancient Greece and Rome”.

5 April  – 5 May – Exhibition “Bags Rita”. Handbags designed and made by Iza Gkagkanis and Alicja Chludzińska.

15 April – Show of antique figures and lecture on ancient choreia organized in Stanislas Kostka’s  High School Lublin.

12 April – Presentation of the book Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić “Stefcia Ćwiek w szponach życia” in Lublin as the part of project “Literary Meetings Gardzienice – Czarne”. Meeting with the author was led by Andrzej Stasiuk, participation with translators: Danuta Ćirlić-Straszyńska and Jovanka Ćirlić-Mentzel.

5 April – “Rita in the city” – presentation of the activities of the magazine “Rita Baum”.

9 March  – Working meeting of theater “Gardzienice” with members of the Polish community organizations Helena Modrzejewska’s Club. Preparations for a recording session The Ancient Orchestra. Workshops of ancient music – choreia in Poznan conducted by Tomasz Rodowicz and Maciej Rychły in cooperation with the Academy of Artes Liberales.

2 – 17 March – Trip Theatre “Gardzienice” to the United States. Master classes of Wlodzimierz Staniewski and artists Center with students from Yale and Stanford.

2 February –  Meeting of New Year in Gardzienice. The exhibition of photographs by Joanna Sikora and Pawel Jakubik – “Meeting of New Year 2002” and the exhibition of musical instruments.

Each month held a session of the Academy for Theatre Practices and „Cosmos of Gardzienice”

18 December –  “Iphigenia – Inspirations” – a multimedia project based on a drama by Euripides “Iphigenia in Aulis” organized at the Cinema Bajka of Lublin and at the Gallery “Gardzienice”

12 December –  Meeting with the Ukrainian writer Natalia Śniadanko. She presented the book “Collection of passions”. The meeting was led by Andrzej Stasiuk.

27 – 28 November – Workshop for students IIIrd High School in Lublin.

26 November –  “Literary Meeting” Gardzienice – Czarne” with Lithuanian writer Renata Šerelyte She presented the book “Stars of Ice Age”.

18 November – 10 December – The Exhibition “Icon Ukrainian XVI-XIX centuries.”

28 – 29 September –  Workshop session at the meetings of the “Europe of Peace” in Katowice Youth Palace.

6 – 11 September Session of workshop in Helsinki. Screening of films from the work of the Centre and practical classes with motion, voice and layouts

1 August – Presentation of the show “Theatre of the Spirit of Music” in a specially adapted historic ruins of the Knights’ Hall at the  Firley’s Castle in Janowiec. Event was recorded by Polish Television.

28  June – 9 July – Departure of Wlodzimierz Staniewski at „The XII International Meeting of Ancient Drama”in Delphi (Greece), where the director gave a lecture about the activities Theatre “Gardzienice”.

25 June –  On the “Literary Meeting” Gardzienice – Czarne” took the promotion of the latest book by Andrzej Stasiuk „Going to Babadag. Meeting with Andrzej Stasiuk was led by Krzysztof Varga after that concert of Mikolaj Trzaska.

25 June  –  The show “Cosmos International”, under which La MaMa Theatre gave a presentation of the  famous performance “Women of Troy”.

13 – 21 July – Recording „Metamorphoses” for Television Theatre, directed by Wlodzimierz Staniewski. Filmed by Jacek Petrycki and Krzysztof Gołąb.

17 – 24 June – The multimedia exhibition “Illusions” at Galeria Gardzienice. Young artists from across the Poland presented the most interesting phenomena of art using effects techniques (computer graphics, video, animation, installations, photographs, three-dimensional slides).

15 June  – Ellen Stewart founder of La MaMa Theatre, and part of its team visited at Gardzienice. Preparations for the famous performance “The Women of Troy”.

28 May – Meeting with Romanian writer forming in German, Herta Müller. The meeting was led by Andrzej Stasiuk.

19 May – 10 June – The Gallery “Gardzienice” took place exhibition of the second year painting students of the Faculty of Arts Institute of Fine Arts at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin.

2 April – International cultural event “Kabbalah in Gardzienice” organized in collaboration with Artistic Agency “Ideefix” with the participation of musicians, performers, actors of Theatre “Gardzienice”.

18 March – 17 April – Exhibition of works of  Zygmunt Rytka “Zygmunt Rytka – 20 years – photographs and objects

6 – 7 March –  Opening of the exhibition “Kitar and the Quadriga – music and sport in Ancient Greece” at the Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznan. Open workshops conducted by The Ancient Orchestra, in which children from the school of music actively participated  and  students of musicology and residents of Poznan too.

10 – 15 March – Reconnaissance of members of The Ancient Orchestra within the project “Unknown Sources European Music – Ancient Greece”.

6 March  –  Open meeting with Philip Zarillim organized in the hall of the NN Theatre “Grodzka Gate”.

March 5 – As a part of  project “Unknown Sources European Music – Ancient Greece” at the Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznan held a seminar discussion “New Trends and Prospects of Research on the Music of Antiquity,” which involved Dr. Stefan Hagel from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a professor of classic philology – Jerzy Danielewicz.

24 – 26 February – Presentation of the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” in Budapest as part of the Festival “Beugro”.

8 – 17 February –  Within the project “Unknown Sources European Music – Ancient Greece” in Warsaw took place: the spectacle The Ancient Orchestra and Earthfall Dance – Hode Galatan; the seminar “Music of antiquity today; workshops for students and young people carried out by members of The Ancient Orchestra.

January – December –  The multimedia exhibition “The Golden Bough”.

26  January –  Lesson of Antiquity – music and movement workshops conducted by members of the Ancient Orchestra for high school students in Piaski and Rybczewice within the project “Unknown Sources European Music – Ancient Greece”.

18 – 25 January – Presentations performance SCENES FROM ELECTRA according to Euripides, at the festival “Polish Express” organized by Hebel Theatre in Berlin.

Each month held a session of the Academy for Theatre Practices and „Cosmos of Gardzienice”

30 September – 1 October  – Shows previews VASE FRANÇOIS. The premiere was held at the International Festival “Confrontations” October 9, 2005 in Gardzienice.

24 July – 7 August, United Kingdom (London) – Departure at the invitation of the National Theatre Studio in London. Masterclass of Wlodzimierz Staniewski in collaboration with actors of Center for Theater Practices  and the scientific advice from the professor. Oliver Taplin from Oxford University.

18 May – 10 June – “Column of art” – The exhibition of informal art group bringing together students and graduates of the Faculty of Arts University in Lublin and other Polish art schools.

9 April – 9 May – “Light underground” – The exhibition of glass art created by Martin Muranica.

4 – 24 – April  – Visit of the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” in New York. The performances of the Centre are held in collaboration with La MaMa Experrimental Theatre Club. Presentations performance ELECTRA, workshop sessions and lectures led by Wlodzimierz Staniewski and actors of Centre. Screenings of films from the archives of the Centre.

14 – 20 March   – Visit of artists Theatre “Gardzienice” to Moscow within the framework of the project “Polish theater yesterday and today.” Presentations performance ELECTRA, a master class Wlodzimierz Staniewski for Russian actors and directors. The meeting with the theatrologists: prof. Leszek Kolankiewicz, prof. Gregory Halfling, prof. Alison Hodge and Wlodzimierz Staniewski.

18 – 19 February – Night Marathon Animation Hungarian. Two screenings organized at the cinema Bajka in Lublin. In total, showing over 100 films including the classic presentation of the achievements of the Hungarian animation from the early 60’s to the end of 90’s.

4 – 8 February Germany (Berlin) – Departure actors of Centre for the International Festival multimedia TRANSMEDIALE ’05 motto: BASIC, Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Participants from the United States, Europe and Asia show their work within five days of the festival.

1 – 18 February Japan (Tokyo) – Reconnaissance of Wlodzimierz Staniewski in Japan. During their stay, they held a series of meetings devoted to the presentation of the achievements of the Centre and talks to prepare tour in Japan.

19 January – Homo Culturalis project as the part of the program “Youth”, attended by young people from Polish, Estonia, Wales, Italy and Bulgaria. The project took place at Gardzienice.  Workshop led by the staff of the Centre. There were presented the artistic achievments and films from the performances and trips of Gardzienice.

Each month the Theater Marathons “Gardzienice’s Kosmos” and the session of the Academy of Theater Practices were held several times.

January – Non Stop Film Etude. Screenings of Finnish animated films in Kino Bajka (Fairytale Cinema) in Lublin as a part of Gardzienice Gallery’s activity – 10 films of leading directors of animated films from Finland.

January 29th – February 12th , Great Britain (London) – residency of Gardzienice Theatre in Barbican Centre, London – one of the biggest european artistic centres. Presentations of the performances: Metamorphoses and Electra, workshops for actors and directors, screenings of films about Gardzienice, lecture by Włodzimierz Staniewski at the Magdalen College in Oxford and meeting with an audience.


March – exhibition of Mira Żelechower-Aleksiun The Light of Midrashes in Gardzienice Gallery; an artist’s lecture on the subject of midrashes (stories about Tora using proverbs and allegories).

 March 30th – April 3rd , Norway (Vestfold) – Reconnaissance of Gardzienice artists in Norway at the Narrenes Dager Festival led by associated experimental theatre group Stella Polaris.

April – meeting with an Austrian writer Karl-Markus Gauß led by publicist and literary critic Roman Kurkiewicz, with the director of Austrian Culture Centre – Walter Maria Stojan. Presentations of the books: The Dog Eaters from Svinia and Dying Europeans.

April, Greece – Włodzimierz Staniewski’s reconnaissance preceding performances of Gardzienice Theatre on The Sycion Festival in August 2006.

May – Multimedial exhibition “Common heritage – restoring the memory” concerning situation of Eastern Borderlands monuments. Panel discussion in the monastery refectory of the Dominican Order in Lublin on the common cultural heritage in the former eastern territories of the Republic of Poland and a concert of Pro Musica Antiqua in the Dominican Basilica.

June, Warsaw – Lecture by Włodzimierz Staniewski “Practicing the Humanities” combined with the presentation of the work of the Center for Theater Practices as part of the 30th anniversary of the Institute of Polish Culture at the Universtity of Warsaw.

June – A meeting with Andrzej Stasiuk, winner of the Nike 2005 literary prize. The author presents his new drama Night, or Slavic-German medical tragifars. The music arrangement of the meeting is prepared by musician and jazz composer, Mikołaj Trzaska.

June – The Lublin edition of the International Literary Festival “Disappearing Europe” in the Conference Room of the Crown Tribunal at the Old Town Square. Panel discussions on “Borderland of Europe” with the participation of writers Yuri Andrukhovych (Ukraine), Andrei Dyna (Belarus), Marius Ivaškevičius (Lithuania), Andrzej Stasiuk (Poland), Karl-Markus Gauß (Austria), Lavinia Greenlaw (England), Tatjana Gromačka ( Croatia), Vetle lid Larssen (Norway), Dagmar Leupold (Germany), Carola Susani (Italy), Fatos Lubonja (Albania), Christoph Ransmayra (Austria), Svetlana Vasilenko (Russia).

July – Exhibition of paintings and promotion of the debut of a young artist from Lublin, Agnieszka Wójtowicz.

July, Olsztyn – Participation of the Center for Theater Practices team at the 3rd International Summer Festival “On the piers”. METAMORPHOSES and ELECTRA were presented on Stefan Jaracz Theater stage. The performances are accompanied by a multimedia show “Iphigenia in Aulis”. The festival also hosts the master class of Włodzimierz Staniewski and a screenings of films from the Center’s archive.

August – Nady Golski concert with the band 101 Candles Orchestra from Australia and New Zealand as part of the “World Music” cycle.

August, Greece – Participation of the Center for Theater Practices team at the International Ancient Drama Meetings. As part of this trip, specially prepared outdoor versions of METAMORPHOSES and ELEKTRA performances were presented. During Symposium Włodzimierz Staniewski gave a lecture and led a workshop together with actors of the Gardzienice Theater.

September, USA – Włodzimierz Staniewski’s reconnaissance aiming to prepare the Center’s performances in the USA in 2007.

September – Literary meeting with a Croatian writer, Dubravka Ugresic. The meeting is hosted by Justyna Jaworska from the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw, with Dorota Jowanka Cirlić as a translator. A wide spectrum of literary works by Dubravka Ugresić is presented, with a special discussion about her two recent pieces: the “Ministry of Pain” novel and the collection of essays “Culture of lies (antipolitcal essays)”. An exhibition of works by contemporary Czech visual artists “Czech basement” took place in the Gardzienice Gallery.

October – Internship for students of the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw. The program includes workshops conducted by OPT actors – movement and music exercises inspired by ancient iconography, as well as screenings of films from the Center’s archive and lecture by Włodzimierz Staniewski.

October, Glasgow (United Kingdom) – Reconnaissance of Włodzimierz Staniewski in Scotland at the the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

 October 28 – November 14, Japan (Tokyo) – A trip with an artistic-didactic program hosted by the X-Cai Theater (led by Mr. Misako Ueda). A five-day workshop session at the X-Cai Theater. A lecture by Włodzimierz Staniewski at the Waseda University concerning work on the ancient tragedy. The lecture was accompanied by demonstrations of acting techniques performed by “Gardzienice” Theater actors as well as multimedia presentations.

December – Concert of the male group of archaic polyphonic singing Ergjeria from Gjirokaster in Albania as part of the “Music of the World” cycle.

December – Educational and artistic event as part of an educational project for children from the local community of Gardzienice and surrounding area. Presentation of “Folk Nativity Scene” at the H. Ch. Andersen Puppet and Actor Theater in Lublin.

December – “Golden Bough” exhibition at the “Gardzienice” Gallery.

Each month the Theater Marathons “Gardzienice’s Kosmos” and the session of the Academy of Theater Practices were held several times.

January – New Year’s Gathering. Concerts of bands “Huc mi ta huc” and “Dziczka”.

February – Three-day theater workshop for a group of young directors and actors from Iran, realized in cooperation with Zbigniew Raszewski Theater Institute in Warsaw.

February – Trial shooting for the film based on ELEKTRA performance.

March, Warsaw – “Chautauqua in Poland” conference, organized in Warsaw at the request of the US Embassy.

March – Conference on the registration of artistic achievements of „Gardzienice” Theatre by Polish Television. Speakers: Krzysztof Domagalik, Tadeusz Rakowski, Natasza Czapska, Wojciech Staroń, Jolanta Ptaszyńska, “Gardzienice” actors and the others.

April, Gardzienice – Artistic residence  of the theater group from Great Britain led by Alison Hodge. During the session, the group is working on the production of Lorca. Alison Hodge and her actors also conduct a workshop session for students of the Academy of Theater Practices.

May, Kraków – Art project in co-production with the National Stary Theater in Krakow as part of the festival „ Antyk. Re_wizje”.

May 10th – 16th , Krakow – Rehearsals at the Stary National Theater (Chamber Stage and rehearsal room) for the new IFIGENIA at AULIS show and the ELEKTRA show.

May 17th – 20th, Kraków – The first pre-premiere performance of the IFIGENIA at AULIS performance directed by Włodzimierz Staniewski. There are also two scientific sessions with the participation of the Theater Practices Center: “Two theaters – two worlds” – a conference devoted to various theater models in Juliusz Osterwa’s and the Gardzienice’s Theater and the symposium “Theater and ritual” with the participation of: prof. Oliver Taplin (Oxford University) and prof. Richard Seaford (University of Exeter) and the others  organized by the Stary National Theater.

June – Art Exchibition – Diploma presentations of the works of students of the Artistic Department of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (Mikołaj Smoczyński and prof. Adam Myjak’s studio). June – Tadeusz Paszka’s exhibition of paintings – works from “The Rural Cycle” created during over 30 years of creative work of the artist.

June – A literary meeting as part of “Literary Meetings” Gardzienice – Czarne ” project with an Albanian writer, Fatos Kongola, hosted by Andrzej Stasiuk, and translated by Dorota Horodyska. The Albanian author presented his latest novel Dog’s skin.

June – Intensive Summer Work Session in Gardzienice. A dozen of young actors and directors from Canada, United States, England, Greece and Poland (students of the Academy of Theater Practices) take part in it.

June 22nd – July 5th, Japan (Tokyo) – A visit of Włodzimierz Staniewski and the actors of the Theatre to Tokyo. In the program of the visit:  lectures by Włodzimierz Staniewski, his master classes in cooperation with actors from the “Gardzienice”  Theater, presentations of archival films and publications devoted to the “Gardzienice” Theater (including Staniewski’s Hidden Territories translated into Japanese).

July, Greece – Lecture by Włodzimierz Staniewski at the International Ancient Drama Meetings combined with a work demonstration done by the actors of the Gardzienice Theater. A visit in Greece is also an opportunity to hold a series of working meetings on joint artistic projects with representatives of Greek cultural institutions and people and organizations involved in Polish-Greek cultural cooperation.

August, United States – Wojciech Goleman’s Reconnaissance at the invitation of the State Department as part of the Chautauqua Movement for Poland project to examine the possibilities of transplanting to Poland the experience and model of operation of American Chauatauqua programs – provincial centers that combine educational, cultural and recreational offer with cultural ecumenism.

Sierpień, Kraków – Recording of music for the new show IFIGENIA AT AULIS  in the music studio of the Polish Radio Krakow. A twenty-person orchestra under the direction of Mikołaj Blajda takes part in it.

September, Greece (Athens) – Reconnaissance of Włodzimierz Staniewski.

September – Workshops for a group of culture instructors from the Polish Armed Forces. They are devoted to the principles of running cultural institutions (on the example of the Gardzienice Theater) and the artistic achievements of the Center.

September – Ceramics exhibition by Alicja Kupiec in Galeria Gardzienice.

September 30th – October 22nd, USA – Artistic visit of the GARDZIENICE Theater Practices Center in the United States. The international premiere of the new production of the Gardzienice Theater – IFIGENIA at AULIS. Lectures of Włodzimierz Staniewski and master classes of Gardzienice’s actors at state universities. Film documentation of performances, workshop sessions, lectures and presentations done by Wojciech Staroń (later on used in the documentary film „Director’s notes”.

October – A literary meeting as part of “Literary Meetings” Gardzienice – Czarne ” project with Andrzej Bieńkowski and his book Sprzedana muzyka. The meeting is conducted by Ewa Grochowska, the musical setting is performed by a traditional violinist, Stanisław Głaza.

October – a concert of the traditional song and dances from Georgia performer by Georgian group Tsiskari-Abjari.

November – Mira Żelechower-Aleksiun’s exhibition “Memory Calendar according to Bruno Schulz” at the Gardzienice Gallery. The exhibition is prepared as part of the “Schulz’s Autumn. Lublin – Drohobych 2007 ” project, comprising meetings devoted to the biography and work of Bruno Shulz, the writer from Drohobycz.

December – literary evening as part of “Literary Meetings” Gardzienice – Czarne ” project with the Swedish writer Anne Swärd. The evening is combined with the promotion of her latest novel Polar Summer. A meeting led by literary critic Magdalena Patryas, translation: Bogumiła Ratajczak.

There were Gardzienice Theatre Marathons “Kosmos” and sessions of the Gardzienice Academy of Theatre Practices held every month. 

January, Warsaw – The winter residency in Warsaw: International Conference “The Promissed Theatre – 30 years of Gardzienice”,SWPS University; accompanied with performances, film projactions, multimedia exposition “303 images from Gardzienice history”; workshopps.

January – Exposition „Inside” w Galerii “Gardzienice” – drawings of Kosma Ostrowski and objects of Magdalena Kara.

February, Wrocław – winter residency – The Flying Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”; full program:

March – Exhibition „Rosemary’ Babies” – sculptures of Sylwester Ambroziak

March 25th – Literary meeting with prof. Jan Tomasz Gross, author of the well-known book Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz.

March, China (Hongkong) – Włodzimierz Staniewski and chosen actors were leading masterclasses, invited by On and On Theatre Workshop and The Academy of Performative Arts in Hongkong. 

March, Japan – Reconnaissance of Włodzimierz Staniewski related with planned collaborations, especially the visit of Roshi Harada Tangen (Zen master) in Lublin and Gardzienice in April 2008. 

April – multimedia workshops, series of lectures and expositions in “Gardzienice” Gallery, led by profesorss and students of Fine Arts Academy in Kraków, incl. prof. Antoni Porczak, prof. Artur Tajber, Małgorzata Kołodziej.

May – Exposition of the painting installation of Alina Bloch „In Between Earth and Heaven”.

May; Lublin, Warsaw, Kraków – Series of literary meetings with Serhij Żadan, an Ukrainian young poet and writer. Accompanied by concert of Sobaki v Kosmosie band from Charkiv.

Juune – the visit of Roshi Harada Tangen (Zen master) in Lublin and Gardzienice; more: .

June, Norway (Porsgrunn) – International Theatre Festival – presentations of Gardzienice performances and lectures of Włodzimierz Staniewski.

July, Greece (Delphi) – A complec artistic program of Gardzienice Theatre in Greece; actor’s Workshops and W. Staniewski masterclasses on Meeting of Young Artists Festival in Delphi, expedition to Parnassus and the Corycian Cave; filming project (film version of performance Iphigenia at Aulis, within the project of The Polish Audiovisual Publishers), Gardzienice repertoire performances, presented in Amphitheatres and in plein-air locations.

September – Summer Intensive „Kosmos 2008”, the international theatre practices work session.

September – Exhibition of photography by Robert Danieluk „LOMO_East”.

October – Workshops of traditional georgian dances, led by Abjari-Georgia Dance Folk Group from Tbilisi.

November – Literary meeting with Daniel Kalder, the emerging Scottish writer and promotion of his first book.

November – “The Act” – Exhibition of Wacław Wantucha, vernissage was accompanied by jazz concert of Błażej Gębura from Lublin.

November 24 – A concert and workshops of the traditional Polish singing and instrument playing – Janusz Prusinowski Trio. 

November, Latvia (Riga) –  “Gardzienice” Theatre and Krzysztof Globiszas a guest artist were ferforming Iphigenia at A… on the Polish Theatre Festival in Riga. THe rich artistic and educative program was addressed to students of Theatre Academy in Riga and the international environment of scholars and artists who reside in Latvia”.

December – Literary meeting with Zachar Prilepin from Russia, promotion of his book Sańkja.

Each month there were held several Theatrical Marathons “Cosmos of Gardzienice” and a session of Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”.

24th of January – 2nd of February, Israel (Tel Aviv) – artistic residence of Włodzimierz Staniewski and actors of “Gardzienice” Theatre (M. Gołaj, M. Mrowca, J. Holcgreber) in Israel as part of the Polish Year. Masterclass for Theatre Department of University of Tel Aviv, open theatre movie showing and presentation of methods of work of Staniewski with participation of “Gardzienice” Theatre actors and participators of the workshop sessions. Scientific session “Stage languages of Polish contemporary theatre” with participation of theatre creators, representatives of Theatre Studies and scientists from Poland and Israel.

2nd – 18th of February, Egypt (Alexandria) – residence of “Gardzienice” Theatre in Alexandria as a part of the festival “Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe-Mediterranean)” by the invitation of Alexandrian Library. Presentation of the performance IPHIGENIA AT A… with participation of Chamber Orchestra of Bibliotheca Alexandrina conducted by Mikołaj Blajda.

Lectures of Włodzimierz Staniewski and masterclass of actors of “Gardzienice” Theatre in the Swedish Institute as a part of the conference “A Dialogue on Theatre, Theatre in Today’s World: Is it a life necessity?” with participation of creators and scientists from Austria, Belgium, Bulgari, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Laban, Malta, Holland, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Syria.

Reconnaissance  by Włodzimierz Staniewski and Jacek Petrycki and trial pictures for planned filming of the performance ELECTRA.

12th of February – 12th of March – Exhibition of paintings by Marek Sobczyk “Psycho- / somo- / socio- analysis” in the “Gardzienice” Gallery.

15th – 19th of March, Norway – Reconnaissance by Mariusz Gołaj and Wojciech Goleman before the residence of “Gardzienice” Theatre in Norway as a part of the project “Gardens and gardens of theatre. Polish-Norwegian residential exchange of theatres”.

26th of March – 9th of April – Exhibition of the paintings and photographs by Andrzej Bieńkowski „Discovered Music. Musicians” in the “Gardzienice” Gallery. The opening was honoured by the author, who presented his new publications: Four sides of Rawa, Kajocy. Around Kędzierscy and The end of Double Basses. Kraśnica. Opoczyński region as well as a documental movie Jewish music in memory of folk musicians. The meeting was accompanied by a concert of the band of Janina Bździuch from Łukowa close to Biłgoraj (as a part of the cyclic event “World Music”.

29th of April – 5th of May, Georgia – Reconnaissance by Włodzimierz Staniewski in regard to the new production, based on the text of Iphigenia in Tauris by Euripides, that includes Georgian motifs (dance, singing, choreography). The result of the visit was a residence in Gardzienice of a group of artists from Georgia (of the group Abjari-Georgia), who took part in the rehearsals and preparations of the new performance, led workshop and did a public presentation.

14th – 16th of May, Jelenia Góra – Festival of Theatre Music in Jelenia Góra organized by Cinema Theatre (run by Katarzyna and Zbigniew Szumski) and Lower-Silesian Philharmonics. As a part of the festival a concert of “Gardzienice” Theatre took place.

27th of May, Warsaw – première presentation of the movie IPHIGENIA AT A… directed by Włodzimierz Staniewski with pictures of Wojciech Staroń (produced by Polish Audio-visual Publisher) in the Theatre Institute named after Z. Raszewski.

28th of May – 15th of July – Exhibition “Nikifor – Kashinath Chauhan – two faces of primitivism in art” in the “Gardzienice” Gallery. At the exhibition there were presented never shown before in Lublin works by Nikifor Krynicki, from the Ethnography Museum named after Seweryn Udziela in Cracow. Simultaneously there were presented drawings of Kashinatha Chauhan, the shoeshine boy from Pune in India, whose works were discovered by directors Krzysztof and Joanna Krauze while travelling in India. During the opening ceremony the meeting with Krzysztof Krauze was held, for which he told the story of making of the movie My Nikifor. Then, in the church of Dominicans in Lublin, the public showing of the movie was held.

29th of May – 1st of June – Visit of the representatives of Norwegian Stella Polaris Theatre – Kari Berge and Anette Andersen – as a part of the project “Garden and gardens of theatre: Polish-Norwegian residential exchange of theatres”. Preparation of Norwegian residence in Lublin and Gardzienice and making of the documental-promotional movie.

3rd – 11th of July, Greece (Delphi) – lecture of Włodzimierz Staniewski about the work on the new production based on the Iphigenia in Tauris at the International Meetings of Ancient Drama in Delphi. The lecture is accompanied by the movie projection of the film IPHIGENIA AT A… The introduction is given by Professor Christodoulos Yiallourides.

29th of July – 28th of August – Exhibition of the paintings by Katarzyna Gawłowa from Zielonka in “Gardzienice” Gallery. Works came from the Ethnography Museum named after S. Udziela in Cracow.

1st of September – 1st of October – Exhibition by Zdzisław Beksiński titled “Drawings” accompanied by showing of the film An homage to Beksińki. At the opening of exhibition Czesław Tarczyński, director of the Town Art Gallery in Częstochowa, told about the art of Zdzisław Beksiński. Music setting of the opening ceremony was made by musicians Błażej Gębura (saxophone) and Adrian Czyżewski (violin).

1st – 28th of September – Residence of “Gardzienice” Theatre in Norway:

Official opening at Midgar Historicl Centre in Borre-Horten. Concert of musical pieces from the repertoire of “Gardzienice” Theatre.

Concert of the songs of “Gardzienice” Theatre and Theatrical Gathering in Fossnes Senter in Stokke.

Three three-days’ workshop sessions for the students of Higher Pedagogical School in Stokke.

Three presentations of the performance IPHIGENIA AT A… in Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo.

1st – 25th of October – Nerwegian Residence in Lublin and Gardzienice:

Official opening of the project accompanied by the performance of Stella Polaris (scenes from the performance Trutor&Capitano). Simultaneously in the “Gardzienice” Gallery there is an opening of the multimedia exhibition including presentation of costumes, stage props from the performances of Stella Polaris and films from the archives of the Norwegian group.

Workshop session for Polish enthusiasts of theatre, work on the performances Shaman’s Dream and Ship of Fools.

Interactive performance Tourney by the artists of Stella Polaris.

Conference “Gardens” in Gardzienice with participation of W. Staniewski, P. Borg and four architects and landscape architects (from Poland: J. Uścinowicz, M. Ambrosiewicz and from Norway: R. Stange, K. Jorgensen).

5th – 6th of November, Cracow – participation of “Gardzienice” Theatre in the International Literature Festival named after J. Conrad in Cracow. Two presentations of “Cosmos of Gardzienice”.

12th of November – 22nd of November, Warsaw – Residence of “Gardzienice” Theatre in Warsaw co-funded by the assets of State City of Warsaw. Partner of the project was Higher School of Social Psychology in Warsaw. In programme were:

Press conference with participation of Włodzimierz Staniewski, Marek Kraszewski (director of the Office of Culture of the State City of Warsaw), Professor Andrzej Eliasz (rector of the Higher School of Social Psychology) and a dozen or so journalists. Presentation of the book The Promised Theatre – 30 years of “Gardzienice” with participation of the authors (Professor Zbigniew Taranienko, Professor Wojciech Dudzik).

Concert of the music for the performance IPHIGENIA AT A… and other theatrical and film music by Zygmunt Konieczny performed by actors of “Gardzienice” Theatre, Fresco Sonare orchestra conducted by Mikołaj Blajda, with guest participation of Krzysztof Globisz and soloists: Joanna Słowińska, Tadeusz Zięba, Leszek Hefi-Wiśniowiecki.

Workshop session run by actors of “Gardzienice” Theatre.

27th of November – Première exhibition of the photographs of Mikołaj Grynberg titled “Lots of Women”. Musical setting was provided by Błażej Gebura (alto saxophone). Photographs come from 9 cities: Warsaw, Rio de Janeiro, Kiev,  Mexico, Lima, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Zanzibar and Beijing.

1st – 4th of December, Great Britain (London) – residence in Rose Bruford College, including: workshop session run by the actors of “Gardzienice” Theatre and open lecture by Włodzimierz Staniewski dedicated to the philosophy of work of “Gardzienice” Theatre (with main concern of the realisation of ancient drama) illustrated by the archival projections and live presentations.

Each month the Theater Marathons “Gardzienice Cosmos” and the session of the Academy of Theater Practices are held several times.

February 13 – New Year’s Gathering in Gardzienice.

 February 18 – March 24 – “Tingatinga” – Exhibition of African painting. The works presented at the exhibition came from the collections of the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

March 23 – 31 – An expedition of Włodzimierz Staniewski to Japan, where a series of working meetings on the future cooperation of the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices with the centers and artists from Japan took place.

 March 29, Warsaw – A workshop session led by the actors of the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices organized during the Freedom Festival. It was a three-hour session of theater practices for prisoners at the headquarters of the “Sławek” Association in Warsaw and in the “Gocław” Culture Center.

April 8 – June 9 – Exhibition of paintings by Marek Leszczyński “Waiting for music”, “Portraits”, “Ruts”.

 April 9, Łęczna – A workshop session led by the actors of the “Gardzienice” Theater for Tomasz Gładosz group “Teatro Gravite” in Łęczna (Łęczna Culture Centre).

 April 10 – Workshop session with the Scout Theater from Węgrów led by Małgorzata Janiuk.

 April 22 – Participation in Wadowice Theater Meetings. As part of this festival, the Center presented the ODYSSEY performance.

May 2, Nowica – Participation in Theater Meetings INNOWICA. As part of the festival, the Center presented two performances: ODYSSEY and NIELUDZKA COM.MEDIA.

 May 7 – Exhibition of works by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz and other artists – “Witkacy i inni”.

June 10 – 15, Greece – Reconnaissance of Włodzimierz Staniewski.

 June 17 – Gardzienice is visited by Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Krzysztof Grabczuk, Marshal of the Lublin Province and Henryka Strojnowska, deputy voivode of Lublin. Visitors visited the palace complex, which was to be renovated as part of the project “Construction of the European Center for Theater Practices in Gardzienice”.

 June 17 – 26 – Session with the monks of a zenist monastery in Japan devoted to singing and declamation practices and techniques.

 June 22 – Jadwiga Kiciak’s exhibition “Lace Work; Images and Drawings “which was the result of the thesis defence. The work was carried out under the direction of Professor Tomasz Zawadzki.

July 5 – 18, Spain – The Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices implemented an artistic and educational project in Spain. The performance of the IPHIGENIA IN A… as part of the inauguration of the International Theater Festival in Ribadavia. The project also included the master classes of Włodzimierz Staniewski and workshop sessions conducted by the actors of the Gardzienice Theater: Mariusz Gołaj, Joanna Holcgreber, Marcin Mrowca and Agnieszka Mendel.

 July 12 – July 23 – Exhibition “Bruno Schulz. Exlibris Eroticis “celebrating the artist’s 118th birthday. The gallery showed the original exlibris “Exlibris Erotica” made by Bruno Schulz for Maksymilian Goldstein. The lower gallery presented series of paintings by Piotr Łucjan “Introduction”.

September 2 – October 3 – Exhibition of sets and drawings by Tadeusz Kantor from the Maria Stangret Kantor collection, including exhibition of photographs by Dietmar Bährer from the performances “Wielopole, Wielopole” and “Dead class”.

October 15 – November 15 – Exhibition of drawings “In the Land of Diversity of Edmund Monsiel”. The exhibition presented 16 works by Edmund Monsiel, which were borrowed from the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

 October 22 – 24 – The first pilot edition of the Wandering Theaters Festival.

December 1 – 7, Warsaw – Project “Staniewski and his Gardzienice. The third residence in Warsaw “organized in cooperation with the Culture Office of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Polish Theater in Warsaw. As part of the project, on the stages of the Polish Theater, Maat Theater “Inductions”, Krzyk Theater “Exhaustions” and performances from the Gardzienice theater repertoire are staged: NIELUDZKA COM.MEDIA, Elektra, IPHIGENIA IN A … (with guest participation of Krzysztof Globisz and Andrzej Seweryn) as well as the first premiere presentation of a new performance of Gardzienice – IPHIGENIA IN T …

 December 16 – Opening of the exhibition of paintings by Weronika Karwowska “Portraits and Mirrors”.

February 11th – March 13th – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of works by Stasys Eidrigevicius “Sorrows”.

March 25th – April 27th – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of photographs by Maciej Cieślak “Bajka Masajska. Initiative journey. “

May 6th, Zabrze – The ELEKTRA spectacle is presented in the underground hall of the historic Guido mine pump. The organizer is the Guido mine, and the performance is part of a broader artistic project “Theater on Extra Level”.

May 9th, Katowice – Presentaton of IFIGENIA at A … in the Ruins of the Municipal Theater in Katowice. The show has a special character, it celebrates the 15th anniversary of the reopening of the stage of the former Victoria Theater. The performance is shown as part of the 22nd Gliwice Theater Meetings.

May 26th – June 21st – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of theater posters of Rafał Olbiński “Posters / Drawings”. A large collection of posters made for the New York City Opera is presented, as well as for the Philadelphia opera and Polish operas and theaters.

June 22nd – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of works by Japanese artist Sensui Oikawa “Written with the heart”. It presents painted ink illustrations of ancient and contemporary poems written in the canon, referring to the colorful Heian period.

August 12ve – 28th  – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of artistic fabric by Joanna Zemanek “Folklove” inspired by folk patterns.

September 7th – Nyogen Nowak and Ewa Hadydon deliver a lecture on the relationship between Japanese art and Zen religion.

September 7th -20th  – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of paintings “Kurz ZEN”. It presents the works of Nyogen Nowak, inspired by Japanese art and religion, a Zen monk of Polish origin – and the esoteric painting of Ewa Hadydon.

September 10th 22nd, USA – Włodzimierz Staniewski participates in a program of exchange organized and financed by the Forum for Dialogue between Polish and Jewish Nations. The visit serves to maintain the constant cooperation of the Centre for Theater Practices with the American culture-creating environment and the preparation of the residence of the Gardzienice Theater in the US in 2012 or 2013.

October 12ve – Gardzienice Gallery – Lecture by Jarosław Pajek – custodian of the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture in Orońsko – on the Polish sculpture of the second half of the twentieth century.

October 12ve – November 17th. – Gardzienice Gallery –  Exhibition of the collection of the Contemporary Sculpture Museum at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. The exhibition presents the works of leading Polish sculptors of the second half of the twentieth century, including: Władysław Hasior, Barbara Falender, Katarzyna Kobro, Bronisław Chromy, Adam Myjak, Alfons Karny, Adam Procki, Gustaw Zemła, Jacek Waltoś, Stanisław Kulon, Adolf Ryszka and Jerzy Łukomski.

October 13th – High representatives of The Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs of European Union countries and the Eastern Partnership are hosted in the Lublin region as part of the Polish Presidency of the European Union. A special show of performances takes place in Gardzienice, in the building of the Granary.

October 14th – October 21st, Greece (Athens) – Michael Cacoyannis Centre – presentation of the newest performance IFIGENIA IN T … with fragments of the IFIGENIA W A … ,  the lecture of Włodzimierz Staniewski combined with the public presentation of the film IFIGENIA IN A … and discussion.

October 20th – 23rd – The second edition of The Festival of Wandering Theatres that presents performances of promising young artists and theater groups from Poland and various European countries. In addition, as part of the festival, there were 3 concerts of the Neurasja group, B.O.K. and Propabanda, screenings of Wojciech Staroń’s films and 3 discussion panels conducted by prof. Ireneusz Guszpita from the University of Wrocław.

November 23rd – 27th, Warsaw – Residence of the Gardzienice Theater in Warsaw under the slogan “Staniewski and His Cultural Falanster”. Performances from the Center’s repertoire and multimedia exhibition at the Polish Theater (Teatr Polski) dedicated to the history of the Gardzienice Theater.

November 28th – 30th, Brussels – Włodzimierz Staniewski takes part in the debate “European Trail – Re-Thinking Realities” during meetings held at the European Parliament’s headquarters in Brussels. As part of this conference, Staniewski delivers a lecture on theatrical practices as symbolic interactions in the natural theater environment.

December 8th – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of ceramics by Oliwia Beszczyńska “Down to earth”

December 11th – Gardzienice Day at TVP KULTURA. Sunday with Włodzimierz Staniewski and the Gardzienice Theater. IFIGENIA W A … film telvision issue and interviews with Włodzimierz Staniewski, prof. Edith Hall, prof. Leszek Kolankiewicz, Krzysztof Bobiński and actors of the Gardzienice Theater.

December 15th  2011 – January 15th 2012 – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of paintings on glass by Joanna Pawłat “Room with a view”. The artist’s lecture on the relationship between Japanese culture and Poland.

There were Gardzienice Theatre Marathons “Kosmos” and sessions of the Gardzienice Academy of Theatre Practices held every month.

January-September – intense works-in-progress on the new production directed by James Brennan; “Mark of Kain”. 

In June, the new performance of Academy for Theatre Practices was released; “Supermarket and the National Woodoo”, based on Andrzej Stasiuk novel “A Diary kept Afterwards”, directed by Jacek Timingeriu.

February 23rd – March 30th – Exhibition works of Franciszek Starowieyski devoted to theatre „Franciszka Starowieyskiego sen o teatrze”. From Teresa Starowieyska collection.

April 4th – May 8th – Exhibition „Heavenly Passion of Dorota Lampart”. From Etnographic S. Udziela Museum in Kraków.

April 18 – 28th Georgia – reconnaissance of Włodzimierz Staniewski, Joanna Holcgreber and Agnieszka Mendel – incuded: lecture and masterclass of Włodzimierz Staniewski at the Artistic University in Batumi and a 3-day work session in The Actor’s Tumanishvili Theatre in Tbilisi. There was also research held before the planned filming project “IPHGENIA in T…” to be realized in Georgia, the former Tauris Land.

May 9 – 14th – reconnaissance of James Brennan, aiming to set boundries of “Gardzienice” with Armenian art and culture, mainly for the “Mark of Kain” project. 

May 31st – „SacroPop” Exposition released by the Catolic University of Lublin, in frames of the Conference „Towards Sacrum: Art not-Art”.

June 2nd – July 2nd– Exhibition „13 Images from Road to Freedom”. Oil works of leading Polish painters from 2nd half of XX c. (Leszek Sobocki, Marek Sobczyk, Edward Dwurnik, Zbylut Grzywacz, Paweł Susid, Marek Sapetta, Jacek Waltoś, Jacka Sienicki, Łukasz Korolkiewicz) from Contemporary Art Museum in Radom.

June 2nd – Lecture of Mieczysław Szewczuk on political motifs in works of paiters presented on the above mentionned exhibition. 

June 15, 16 – Premiere of the performance “Supermarket and the National Woodoo”, based on Andrzej Stasiuk novel “A Diary kept Afterwards”, directed by Jacek Timingeriu. 

June 22 – 27th, Bratisłava – “Supermarket and the National Woodoo” performance was presented on „Istropolitana Projekt 2012” Festival of Young Theatres in Bratisłava, Slovakia. Leaders: Mariusz Gołaj and Jacek Timingeriu.

October 4th – November – Photogrphy Exposiition of Zdzisław Beksiński.

October 12, 13th – Premiere of “Mark of Kain”, performance directed by James Brennan.

December 6-27th – Exhibition „The Road”, works of Grażyna Markowska and Bogdan Markowski.

December 14th– The Literary Meeting with Ireneusz Guszpit on his book „Two Theatres – Two Worlds. The Stories” and the premiere presentation of the film “Iphigenia in T…” (produced by Gardzienice) in Polish TV in Lublin (TVP Lublin).

In the first half of 2013 the work on new production of Centre for Theatre Practices – PYTHIAN ORATORIO – were commencing.

Throughout all year, each month the Theatrical Marathons “The Cosmos of Gardzienice” were taking place, as well as session for Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”.

In 2013 there were also held three workshops of traditional Japanese calligraphy and three workshops of theatre and visual arts for children of local communities.

18th of January – 20th of February – Exhibition of graphics by Maria Koldryn “Textures of the Earth” for the 40th Anniversary of artist’s work.

22nd of January – 20th of February – Exhibition by Ukrainian artist and photographer Oleksandra Radneczko “Just Photography”.

28th of February – 28th of March – Exhibition of graphics and ink paintings by Andreas Kolovos.

16th – 20th of March – Exhibition of paper-cuts by Elżbieta Majewska-Hernandez “The Inside Scenery”

4th of April – 3rd of May – Exhibition of copperplates and posters by Eugeniusz Geta-Stankiewicz “Golden Legend of Geta-Stankiewicz”. It was individual exhibition of works by Eugeniusz Geta-Stankiewicz in the second death anniversary of the artist. It was combined of 30 unique copperplates from the collection of Gallery of Art Platon and 50 posters from collection of Museum of Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

23rd of May – 11th of June – Exhibition of Japanese calligraphy by Sensui Oikawa – “Habataki”. At the exhibition there were presented ink-painted illustrations to ancient and contemporary poems written in kana, referring to colourful period of Heian.

24th – 25th of May, Warsaw – Pre-première of PYTHIAN ORATORIO in Warsaw.

16th of June – 19th of April – Exhibition of sculptures by H. Musiałowicz and photographs by M. Cieślak titled “Henryk Musiałowicz – Renewal – Maciej Cieślak – From anew”.

15th – 23rd of August – Exhibition of paintings by Stanisław Koguciak titled “Painter from Pławanice”, co-organized by the “Gardzienice” Gallery, together with Workshops of Culture in Lublin.

26th – 29th of September – Festival of Opening of Centre for Theatre Practices in Gardzienice – four-day artistic project dedicated to the opening of the reconstructed and artistically adopted buildings. During the Festival the International Symposium “Mantic perspectives – oracles, prophecies, performatics” took place, dedicated to ancient Greek theatre and its inspirations for contemporary theatre. In the symposium took part representatives of Theatre Studies, classical philologists, historians and other specialists from Poland and abroad. There were also presented première performances of the most recent production from the repertoire of the Centre titled PYTHIAN ORATORIO (dir. by Włodzimierz Staniewski) and the performance of IPHIGENIA AT A… Moreover, films from the Centre’s archives, paintings exhibitions, photographs and exposition of archeological excavations were presented. 

11th – 21st of October – Exhibition of paintings by Ann-Karin Myklebostad “The Blue Springs”

17th – 19th of October – Festival of the Wandering Theatres presenting work of promising and hopeful young artists and theatre groups from Poland and abroad.

23rd of October – 18th of November – Exhibition of paintings titled “All her Saints” by Maria Wnęk, works from the Ethnography Museum named after S. Udziela.

25th – 27th of October – 1st  Gathering of Polish Society of Theatre Research – “New directions of theatre research. In a hundred years’ anniversary of Theatre Studies in Poland”. Programme covered number of panel discussions and lectures. During the Gathering there was a presentation of newly opened space of European Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”, together with corresponding expositions.

15th of November – 12th of December, India – reconnaissance by Włodzimierz Staniewski in India. The journey’s goal was to do the reconstruction work in regard to the scenography, sets of stage movement, interpretation of the text and multimedia of the performance Solness the Master-Builder, which was premièred in December 2012 at the Festival in Delhi. Another task was to do the adaptation to completely new space qualities, which means the stage of Birla Sabhagar, placed in Birla Mandir, the biggest Temple of Krishna in India. Włodzimierz Staniewski took part in a number of meetings regarding ongoing cooperation with representatives of institutions and artistic societies of India.

21st of November21st of December – Exhibition of calligraphy by Franciszek Starowieyski titled “Calligraphy”. The exhibition was combined of a number of black-and-white and coloured calligraphies put together with graphics and a documental film from the series Franciszek Starowieyski’s tales about art directed by Władysław Jurkow.

January 17 – February 28 – Exhibition of Katarzyna Hołda works entitled “Dolls” in the Gardzienice Gallery.

 January 17 – 28 – Gardzienice Theater participated as a special guest at the “32 Fajdr International Theater Festival” in Iran. During expedition to Tehran, “Gardzienice” Theater showed six times PYTHIAN ORATORIO, conducted a workshop for a group of Iranian actors, directors and artists. Also a seminar by Włodzimierz Staniewski regarding visions and theater techniques practiced for over 35 years in the Center of Theater Practices “Gardzienice” took place.

 January 29 – February 4 – Włodzimierz Staniewski and Joanna Holcgreber took part in a reconnaissance to Hormuzgan, the southern province of Iran to prepare documentation for the next stage of the Polish-Iranian project – the film (doc-drama) “Iphigenia in Persia”.

March 6 – April 4 – Exhibition “Photographs” of Paweł Żak in the “Gardzienice” Gallery.

April 11 – May 19 – Exhibition “Drawings” by Piotr Kmieć in the “Gardzienice” Gallery.

May 12 – 16 – “Gardzienice” Theater participated in the international theater festival “Between” in Gdansk and Sopot. The following performances were shown: PYTHIAN ORATORIO, according to the texts of Herodotus, Euripides, the Seven Sages and IFIGENIA IN A …, according to Euripides’ “Iphigenia in Aulis”.

 May 18 – November 30 – Exhibition of paintings entitled “Teatralia” by Sławomir Zwierz presented at the Palace in Gardzienice.

 May 18 (Inauguration), June 8, August 17, September 7 and October 5 – Open Days at the Gardzienice Center of Theater Practices. Participants of such trips, guided by actors or employees of the Center, watched the palace and park complex, permanent exhibitions as well as a live concert-chronicle of historical performances of “Gardzienice”.

 16 – 30 May – Exhibition at the Gardzienice Gallery entitled “Man: body – mind – existence” co-organized with Bogusław Słomka’s “Gallery 1” and the Faculty of Arts of UMCS.

 May 30 – a day-long didactic and artistic program for the Hrubieszów high school. 98 people attended (high school students from the Tadeusz Kościuszko School Complex No. 3 in Hrubieszów and carers). After the workshop, the students watched the Theater Marathon – “Gardzienice Cosmos”.

June 26 – Kaja Kurczuk presented her diploma thesis in the Gardzienice Gallery, inspired by the collection of 2700 glass negatives, found in 2008 in the attic of Rynek 4 in Lublin. “Faces of a non-existent city”.

 June 20 – Visit of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski with his wife at the Center for Theater Practices “Gardzienice”.

 June 28-30 – A three-day workshop session on theatrical practices for the Scientific Circle of Performers of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (students of the Jagiellonian University from the Polish Philology, Performatics and Classical Studies faculties)

July 11-24 – 11th International Workshop Session: “Summer Intensive – a Republic of Dreams”. The session was attended by 15 actors and directors from: England, Scotland, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Iran, India, the United States, Japan, and Mexico. The classes were run by: Włodzimierz Staniewski, Mariusz Gołaj and Joanna Holcgreber, Marcin Mrowca and Agnieszka Mendel, Anna Dąbrowska and Paweł Kieszko, Jan Żórawski, Tetiana Oreshko, prof. Krzysztof Bielawski.

August 14 – 29 – Exhibition “Forgotten folk rituals” by Berenice Kowalska.

September 24 – 28 – “India …, India … Festival” in Lublin and Gardzienice under the honorary patronage of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland Anna Komorowska, on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and the Republic of India. The festival was realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Marshal Office of the Lublin Province, Embassy of India in Warsaw, Institute of Polish Culture in Delhi, Museum of Asia and Pacific in Warsaw, Thiasos Theater in London, Bollywood Lounge in Warsaw.

October 10-12 – Conference: “Theater for Conflict Resolution” (TANZANIA – UGANDA – POLAND – USA) realized by the Faculty of Artes Liberales of the University of Warsaw and the Center of Theater Practices “Gardzienice”. The program consisted of an international conference, a theater marathon, documentary films, exhibitions, meetings and discussions.

 October 23 – 26 – qualifying sessions for the Academy of Theater Practices. The Qualifying Commission chose 26 students to participate in the activities of the 12th Academy. Sessions of the Academy of Theater Practices (10 congresses in a year) are run by artistic employees and associates of the Center.

 October – November – Exhibition of paintings by Michał Minor “CITIZENS DEPRESSION” and “Fragile? / Fragile?” works by four artists: Alicja Kupiec, Oliwia Beszczyńska, Sigrid Espelien (Norway), Petro Svobody (Australia), who tackled the subject of cups, teeth, insulators and toilet bowls.

November 7, 15 – Presentation in the form of “work in progress” “Last time” based on the text of Henry Ibsen “Master Builder” (performance of the 11th Academy of Theater Practices under the artistic supervision of Włodzimierz Staniewski).

 November 14 – 15 – Ukrainian Residence and Festival: “Ukraine-Poland-Europe”. International Discussion Panel: “Theater and drama in post-totalitarian cultures of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe” realized by prof. Agnieszka Matusiak (Faculty of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Wrocław), prof. Ireneusz Guszpit (University of Wrocław), Włodzimierz Staniewski (Center for Theater Practices “Gardzienice”). During the festival, numerous lectures, discussions, meetings, performances and film screenings took place

 November 2014 – April 2015 – “Heart of Maidan”; exhibition of photographs by Aleksiei Karpowych

 November 2014 – January 2015 – “Dialogue”; exhibition of sculptures by Jarosław Pajek.

There was a yearlong multimedia exhibition in the historic cellars of The Palace Complex in Gardzienice.

Year-round activity of Close Up History studio in the Northern Outbuilding, which collects materials regarding the region and its connections with the Gardzienice Theater (Gardzienice, Piaski, and Lublin), equipped with modern data collection technologies.

January 12ve – 15th – Four-day session of theatrical practices for youth from the Emanuela Bułhak Non-Public Schools in Wesoła.

January – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of paintings by “Labyrinths” by Karol Karwowski.

February – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of paintings “In the Deep” by Karolina Jarosławska and Klaudia Ka.

March 13th – 14th – 6th Open Seminar of the project “Blood sacrifice in ancient Greece in the light of philological data”, led by prof. Krzysztof Bielawski.

March 25th – 31st  – Warsaw Residence. The project carried out with the Arnold Szyfman Polish Theater in Warsaw, Collegium Artes Liberales of the University of Warsaw and the Theater Institute in Warsaw.

March 25th – Cheironomy workshops led by Joanna Holcgreber and Mariusz Gołaja for students of the Artes Liberales faculty and the Gardzienice Theater Practices Academy.

March 31st – Raszewski Theater Institute in Warsaw –  an artistic and scientific session entitled: “Dynowska – Gardzienice – Staniewski”.

April 12ve, May 10th, May 17th and May 2th9, June 7th, June 14th, August 9th, August 16th and September 13th – Open Days at the Gardzienice Center of Theater Practices. The program includes: trips with guide, exhibitions, multimedia.

April 16th – Opening of the Permanent Gallery of Sculptures of Professor Adam Myjak at the Palace in Gardzienice.

April 17th – Literary meeting with Zbigniew Parafianowicz and Michał Potocki – authors of the book: “Wolves live outside the law, like Yanukovych lost Ukraine”.

May 16th – 17th  – Scientific and artistic conference with a performative lecture by prof. Krzysztof Rutkowski: “Revelation and poetry according to Mickiewicz.”

May  21st – 28th – Presentations of performances and workshop sessions at the “Inne Sytuacje” Festival in Bydgoszcz.

May 28th – 31st  – European Festival of Film Meetings “Space of Inspiration”, organized in Lublin and Gardzienice in cooperation with the “Taki jestem!” Foundation. The animator and director of the festival is Katarzyna Kubacka, the ambassador – Andrzej Seweryn.

May 28th – 31st – Theatrical and film classes with students of the 12th APT Gardzienice and a group of participants of the Film Education Festival “Film Gardens of Imagination”.

June – Residence of the Ukrainian Theater STUDIO А.К.Т. from the Center of Les Kurbas National Theater Arts in Kiev.

June 20th – Presentation of the PYTHIAN ORATORY performance at the Stanisławowski Theater in the Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw.

June 29th – 30th  – lecture of Włodzimierz Staniewski at the invitation of the Archives of the University of Oxford, “Introduction to Theater Ecology” enriched with presentations by actors (Mariusz Gołaj, Joanna Holcgreber, Anna Dąbrowska, Tetiana Oreszko)

July 2nd – The Theater Marathon enriched with special events (performances: “Pythian Oratory,” Iphigenia in A … “, songs from the performances “Metamorphoses” and “Life Protopopa Awwakuma” and the Theatrical Gathering) for the guests from the USA and Australia (American Jewish Community) conducted by the Forum of Dialogue Among Nations.

July 19th – 29th, September 6th – 20th  – Residence of the Krakow Theatre Academy students and APT Gardzienice students performing the spectacle  “Hymns to the Night” according to Novalis – dir. Maciej Gorczyński.

July 27th  – August 8th – Residence of a group of students from the Warsaw Theater Academy in Gardzienice; work on a performance, dir. Michał Zdunik.

August 13   – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of paintings “Rooots” by Karolina Matyjaszkiewicz, co-organized with the Workshops of Culture as part of the Jagiellonian Fair.

September – Gardzienice Gallery – Photographic exhibition “Contact” by Maciej Cieślak.

September 19th – 20th  – Scientific conference “Sentio. Novalis “prepared with the participation of the most outstanding Polish literary scholars and philosophers dealing with the legacy of Novalis.

September 20th – premiere of the play “Hymns to the Night”, dir. Maciej Gorczyński.

September 25th – Seminar for teachers “Space of inspiration. Film education in the context of the new core curriculum. “

October 15th – 18th – 5th International Festival of Wandering Theaters. The theme of the Festival was performing arts in post-totalitarian cultures of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe; Persia in Europe, Europe in Persia.

October – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of paintings and graphics by Jan Kanty Pawluskiewicz “Sensy / Byty / Mary”.

December – Gardzienice Gallery – Exhibition of painting “In the scenery of the city; Where ‘Agnieszka Wójtowicz.

December 12ve – the performance of the Divadlo Contra Theater from Slovakia entitled “Hamlet” – as part of the Gardzienice Theater Marathon.

There were 2-5 “Gardzienice Theatre Marathons” and 1 4-day-session of the Academy of Theatre Practices held every month.

January 7th -Feb. 1st – Exposition “Smoke and Mineral” – painings of Seweryn Jański

February 4th-23rd – Exposition “Transitoriness” – paintings and graphics of Włodzimierz Dawidowicz. 

March­ 10th – April 10th – Exposition of paintings and drawings of Andrzej Strumiłło.

April 6th – readings of the drama texts for students of Artes Liberales Dep. of Warsaw University – by Michał Zdunik, Jan Hussa Kolski, Monika Janik (from Theatre Academy of Warsaw) 

April 14th – May 4th – Expositions of Magdalena Wdowicz Wierzbowska “Meetings with the Widowers. I just miss a Husband” and “Dad”.

April 23-25th – The Session of Theatre Practices for students from the Jagiellonian University of Kraków.

May 14-15th – The 1st International Conference on Arts and Science: “Euripides. The Innovator”. Speakers included: Włodzimierz Staniewski, Yana Sistovari, Jadwiga Czerwińska, Małgorzata Budzowska, Aleksandra Klęczar, Wiktor Uhlig, Edith Hall, Jon Hesk, Małgorzata Borowska, Michael Earley, Krzysztof Bielawski, Jan Lech.
„Gardzienice” Theatre was a producer of “Hippolytos” performance of “Thiasos” Theatre from London, dir. Yana Sisitovari (premiere: May 14th, during the Euripides Conference in Gardzienice).

May 16-18th – Warszawa – Polski Theatre – presentations of „Hippolytos” by Thiasos  Theatre, exposition, workshops for students of Artes Liberales faculty and open audience (production: „Gardzienice” CTP). 

June 19–27th – Exhibition “Industrial Utopia presented on such a delicate material as glass” by Joanna Pawłat.

June 4­-23rd – Exhibition “Twinkling of an eye” – paintings on silk – Katarzyna Porczak, Zygmunt Łukasiewicz, Alina Bloch.

July 14 – August 2nd – Residency of the crew of new performance: “New Athens”, acc. to Benedykt Joachim Chmielowski; dir. Maciej Gorczyński (program “Gardzienice’ Generator of Hope”).

July 7-31th – Exposition of posters Orient Station – „Chernobyl 30 + Fukushima 5”.

July 9–14, September 2 –25, October 7–9 – Intensive Work Sessions of Theatre Practices for students of Ecology of Theatre Workspace on Warsaw University; as a result of collaboration of „Gardzienice” Centre for Theatre Practices and Artes Liberales Department of Warsaw University. 

August 1–14th – Residency of the crew of new performance: “Heart of the Glass”, acc. to scenario by Werner Hercog; dir. Radosław Stępień (program “Gardzienice’ Generator of Hope”).

August 9–20th – Residency of the crew of new performance: “The Witnesses or the Small Stabilization of ours”, acc. to text of Tadeusz Różewicz; dir. Michał Zdunik (program “Gardzienice’ Generator of Hope”). 

August 12-25th – Exposition of tapestries form collection of Elżbieta and Piotr Branekovy.

August 22th – September 1st  –  the XII th International Theatre Practices Work Session: “Summer Intensive – The ‘Gardzienice’ Republic of Dreams”. Participants originated from UK, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkay, Iran, Australia, USA and Japan. 

September 3rd – Gardzienice’ actors (and 3 participants of Sumer Intensive course) took part in the national reading of Quo Vadis – novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz. 

September 27–31st – Mariusz Gołaj was in Ukraine, on invitation by DAKH Theatre (Kiev, Gogol Festival).

September 26–30rd  – The Work Session of Theatre Practices for Highschool LO im. Jana III Sobieskiego from Warsaw

October 1st – oration by Włodzimierz Staniewski with short artistic presentation on occasion of the opening of the Centre of Meetings of Cultures in Lublin.

October 7th – Nov. 18th – Exhibition “The (Un)Real” – painter’s installations by Michalina Wawrzyczek Klasik.

October 27-30th – VI Festival of Wandering Theatre’s took place in Gardzienice and on stages of the Centre of Meetings of Cultures in Lublin. 

November 16 -18th – The Work Session of Theatre Practices for Acting Highschool from  Kraków.

November 19-20th – The Work Session of Theatre Practices for the Highschool at the PJWSTK from Warszawa.

December 8–29th – Exposition of paintings of Zbigniew Olszewski – „Hidden Reality”


8 Theatrical Marathon – including 27 artistic events

12th of January – 10th of Februaty – exhibition by Agnieszka Wójtowicz titled Space of the city. Colours

18th of February – New Year’s Gathering, including the performance of Rose Bruford College (England), Ach ta chata rozśpiewana (actors of “Gardzienice” with participation of students of Academy for Theatre Practices); composition by Zygmunt Konieczny to the lyrics of S. Wyspiański – trailer of new performance by “Gardzienice” Theatre, performance of Satire Theatre “Zielona Mrówa” from Lublin, fragment of the performance Let the anger fall on you or speak the truth of fables and honest satire, based on satires and fables of Ignacy Krasicki, concert of jazz musicians from Wrocław: journey across Polish melodies of acknowledged composers to poetic lyrics of Agnieszka Osiecka, Jeremi Przybora, Janusz Kofta.

13th of February – 13th of April – stationary course of Academy for Theatre Practices for the students of Rose Bruford College from London

24th – 26th of February – workshop session for students of Acting Department of National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow.

24th of February – 24th of March – exhibition by Katarzyna Hołda titled Kora/Persefona

30th of April, 7th, 21st, 25th of June – Open Sundays

6th – 8th of May – workshop session for the students of Science Group of Theatrologists from Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

11th – 15th of May 2017 – International Scientific-Artistic Conference: Euripides-Innovator – dedicated to Euripides as the greatest innovator in the history of theatre. Lectures were given by: Professor Edith Hall, Dr Rosie Wyles, Dr Aleksandra Klęczar, Professor Krzysztof Bielawski, Jan Lech, Professor Armand D’Angour, Dr Lucy Jackson, Maciej Rychły, Yana Sistovari

Launeddas (triple flute) – a concert by Roberto Tangianu from Sardinia (with assistant);

Ite Bakchai – towards the performance of Bacchae by Euripides: Bacchic landscape of Sardinia and contemporary Greece, Salvatore Scarpa – Thiasos Theatre;

Parodos from Bacchae, with flutes, drum and African mbira – Manuel Jimenez – composer and music director, Thiasos Theatre;

triple flute in Bacchae – Roberto Tangianu and Thiasos Theatre;

Agave’s Lament – sung by Shelby Lynn Gilliam – Rose Bruford College and Thiasos Theatre, London.

Staniewski and “Gardzienice” Theatre: Reconstruction or resurrection of relics of Ancient music? Presentation of Orestes and other antiques presented by actors and musicians of “Gardzienice” Theatre; Students and guests participated in morning workshops led by Armand D’Angour, Roberto Tangianu and actors and musicians of “Gardzienice” Theatre; “Gardzienice” Theatre presented performances: Scences from the Wedding by S. Wyspiański, Iphigenia at A… and Electra by Euripides, directed by W. Staniewski.

3rd – 23rd of June – Exhibition by Piotr Vanitas Tymochowicz titled SOMWHERE ELS.

14th, 15th of June – Staged Essay about Golden Ass, women and thirst – scientific-artistic project, based on the text of Apuleius Madauriensis, run by Ecology of Theatre Workspace by the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw, in collaboration with Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”.

23rd – 25th of June – 3rd Festival of the Youth Theatres “Kaleidoscope” in Gardzienice, organized by Centre for Theatrical Practices “Gardzienice” in collaboration with Foundation “Architects of Culture”. It was the first edition, out of three in total, that was organized wholly in Gardzienice.

16th – 19th of June, Ukraine – the cast of Centre for Theatre Practices „Gardzienice”, together with guest artists (musicians, actors, technical team; 20 people in total), were staying in Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine, where the artistic program titled “Pythian Oratorio” was presented.

18th of June – “Gardzienice” Theatre presented in the Theatre named Ivan Frank theatre diptych, part of which – aside from the main performance – was specially prepared stage composition based on Iphigenia at Aulis and Iphigenia in Tauris by Euripides, regarding current situation in Ukraine.

17th – 29th of July – reconnaissance of Anna Dąbrowska in Tanzania at Wagogo Music Festival in the village of Chamwino and over a dozen of villages in the region of Dodoma

28th of September – 1st of October – Festival of the 40th Anniversary of “Gardzienice” Theatre; details can be found:

23 Theatrical Marathons took place, during which 52 performances and 22 film screenings were presented.
10 sessions of the 13th year of the Academy of Theatrical Practices “Gardzienice” took place.

New Year’s Assembly at the Palace in Gardzienice

February – March: “Gardzienice” trip to Palestine
Between 28 February and 14 March, the team of the Theatre “Gardzienice” conducted an intensive workshop course (7 hours a day for 24 participants). The classes took place initially in Sharek Youth Village – a training complex of Sharek Youth Forum located in the mountains near Kufr Nameh, and for the last 3 days they moved to the rooms of Palestinian Circus School in Birzeit.

The workshops referred to the specific, original forms of training for actors developed in the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”. The actors worked on texts from Stanisław Wyspiański’s “The Wedding”, as well as music and dances related to Polish and Palestinian wedding rituals. The texts were in Arabic, Polish and English.

The culmination of the project were four public presentations of the play, which was the fruit of workshop work on the material from ‘The Wedding’, in four Palestinian cities: Birzeit-Ramallah (15.03), Nablus (17.03), Jenin (18.03) and Abu Dis (19.03).

March vernissage of Katarzyna Adamek – Chase exhibition “Planetarium”.

April Exhibition of paintings by Prof. Jacek Wojciechowski “Three Landscapes”,

May 10-13: Third International Academic and Artistic Conference “Euripides – Innovator” organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Artes Liberales of the University of Warsaw and the Thiasos Theatre of London. Papers were delivered by, among others, Prof. Oliver Taplin (Oxford University), Prof. Fiona Macintosh (Oxford University), Prof. Robin Lane Fox (Oxford University), Prof. Jan Bremmer (Groningen University), Prof. Małgorzata Borowska (University of Warsaw), Prof. Jadwiga Czerwińska (University of Łódź).

May 17-19: Presentations of the play “The Wedding” at the National Old Theatre in Krakow
on the Chamber Stage. The performance was played three times, with full audience. The performance was held at the invitation of the management of the National Old Theatre.

June 1: The opening of Marta Kunikowska – Mikulska’s painting exhibition “Field Souls”.
June 8-6: Festival of Youth Theatres “Kaleidoscope” (4th edition).

13 amateur youth theater groups took part in the Festival – 11 from Poland, one from Ukraine and one from Slovakia. There were 14 presentations of performances, including 11 in competition and 3 out-of-competition – 2 guest performances and 1 by the “Gardzienice” theater group. The event was organized in cooperation with the Architekci Kultury Foundation.

June 19: The Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” in TVP Kultura – a theater and film project, whose aim was to prepare a two-hour material, broadcast on TVP Kultura on 19.06.2018 The project consisted of:

1) the show “Bronowice in Gardzienice” 16.06, having the character of a meeting with local residents (of Gardzienice, Piaski municipality and the surrounding area) and an artistic feast, during which Gardzienice songs were presented, as well as folk songs, with particular emphasis on wedding themes. The orchestra of the Volunteer Fire Brigade from Piaski took part in the show, which was held in the palace and park complex in Gardzienice. The entire event was recorded by Polish Television and the footage was presented in the form of a short cut as an introduction to a live broadcast of the ‘Wedding’ performance on 19.06.

2) “Wesele (Wedding): Wyspiański – Konieczny – Malczewski” – broadcast live on “TVP Kultura” on 19.06.2018. The filming of the performance is available on the video-on-demand service of Polish Television.

3) Interview with Włodzimierz Staniewski – taking place immediately after the performance “Wesele: Wyspiański – Konieczny – Malczewski” on 19.06 on the stage of the Granary in Gardzienice and broadcast live on TVP Kultura.

28 June: Exhibition of photographs by Yevgen Nikifirov, entitled. June: Exhibition of photographs by Yevgeny Nikifirov, titled “Decommunized: Soviet Mosaics of Ukraine”, organized in cooperation with the Workshops in Lublin as part of the “Other Sounds” festival.

Concert of Antique Music by “Gardzienice” with orations by Włodzimierz Staniewski at the University of Warsaw Library (4.07.2018).

August 10-24: international workshop session “Summer Intensive”.

August 17: vernissage of the exhibition “Her Majesty’s Koniakow Lace” organized in cooperation with the Workshop in Lublin as part of the festival “Jarmark Jagielloński”. Among the authors of the works shown at the exhibition were: Marta Legierska, Zuzanna Ptak, Lucyna Bytow, Mariola Wojtas.

September 20: Opening of Agnieszka Wójtowicz’s painting exhibition “Man of the Crowd; City”.
September 28-29: “Gardzienice – Generator of Hope” – Festival (as part of the Stray Theatre Festival series).

October 5-7: IV Introduction to the Liberated Arts – an event organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Artes Liberales of Warsaw University on the occasion of the inauguration of the academic year.

October 18: Opening of the exhibition “Closer and Closer to the Moment That Will Change Us in a Breath” – paintings and sculpture by Wojciech Fangor from the collection of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko and in the lens of Bogdan Sarwiński.
November 9: Opening of the exhibition “Fangor Impressions” – related to the art education project “Expose Yourself”.

November 13: One-day exhibition “Fangor’s Magical World. Children’s Fangomagories” – related to the art education project “Expose Yourself”.

November 15: The opening of the exhibition “Borderlands” – drawing by Wojciech Fangor and photography by Bogdan Sarwiński. The event accompanying the exhibition was another screening of the film “Fangor’s Spaces” by Piotr Weychert and Paulina Brzezińska on 16.11.
16 November: First workshops for children and young people in the Gallery “Gardzienice” (projects: children’s “Expose yourself” and aimed at young people: With art to our face”). Subsequent editions took place on 4, 5, 7, 10, 14 and 17 December 2018.

Artistic residencies in Gardzienice:

1) Dominik Gac and Michal Kuzniak’s experimental music project.

The artists worked in May 2018 in the interiors of the palace in Gardzienice on new musical material specially adapted to the Gardzienice interiors (especially in the Arian chapel, characterized by unique acoustics). In a perspective, the worked out musical material will comprise an album. The artists used, among others, ethnic instruments such as shruti box (Indian instrument), psalterion, drum or trembita.

2) Residence of the Puk-Puk Theatre from Świdnik. Young artists forming the Puk-Puk Theatre operating at the Municipal Cultural Centre in Swidnik worked on 14-16.12.2018 on a new performance.

From January to December 2019, 21 Theatre Marathons were held, comprising 48 performance presentations and 21 film presentations. The performances presented were: Elektra, Iphigenia at Aulis, Iphigenia in Tauris, Pythian Oratorio, The Wedding.

In the period from January to October the programme ‘Gardzienice – Generator of Hope’ lasted; young artists worked in Gardzienice on the realisation of three new artistic undertakings (Maiden, Twilight of the Day, Threepenny Opera), their premieres took place at the beginning of October during the XX(+2)-year Festival of the Academy of Theatre Practices.

From May to September eight Open Sundays were held.

From 12 February to 12 April there was a special two-month session of the Academy for Theatre Practices aimed at students of Rose Bruford College in London. The session included two months of intensive workshop work at the Centre’s headquarters in Gardzienice.

In Gardzienice’ Gallery, 10 exhibitions were presented, and workshops for children and young people were conducted in the framework of two projects – “Expose yourself” and “Art suits us”.

17.01 – the opening of Adam Seran’s drawing exhibition “Zwierzyńczyk”. The exhibition was open until 30th January

07.02 – vernissage of Julita Malinowska’s painting exhibition “Relocations”. The exhibition was open until 4 March.
23. 02 – the New Year’ Gathering took place in the Palace, the programme of which included: concert of the Brass Band from Piaski, concert of the Band of the Lublin Section of the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland, concert performed by students of Rose Bruford College from London, concert of Tetiana Oreshko, Jacek Sribniak and Aneta Nieścior, concert of Magdalena Pamuła and Kacper Lech who cooperate with “Gardzienice”, performance “Let’s talk about the covenant” based on texts by Stanisław Wyspiański performed by actors and musicians of “Gardzienice” theatre.

08-09.03 – Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warszawa presents the diploma performance of the 13th Academy for Theatre Practices “Finnegans Wake”, directed by Maciej Gorczyński.
14.03 – vernissage of Andrzej Cwalina’s painting exhibition “Tribute to Fangor”. The exhibition was open until 30 March.

07.04 – vernissage of Rafał Eret’s painting exhibition “NOKTURNUM III”. The exhibition was open till April 30th.

09.05 – vernissage of the photography exhibition by Jarosław Koziara and the sculpture and drawing by Franciszek Żbik “Everything is one. The exhibition was open until 2 June.
24 – 26.05 – The 5th Festival of Youth Theatre “Kaleidoscope”. 12 amateur youth theatre groups from Poland and one from Slovakia took part in the festival. There were 14 presentations of performances, including 10 in competition, 3 guest performances and 1 performance by the ‘Gardzienice’ theatre.

15 – 16.06 – workshop session for the Living Word Circle operating at the Complex of Educational Institutions in Ciecierzyn.
20 – 29.06 – the “Gardzienice” theatre travelled to Israel and took part in the Jaffa Fest. As part of the festival, four performances from the Centre’s repertoire were presented (Elektra, Iphigenia at Aulis, Iphigenia in Tauris, The Wedding) The performances were followed by masterclasses and open meetings of artists with audience; all met with great interest (all tickets were sold out).
27.06 – vernissage of Barbara Szeptuch’s painting exhibition “Szeptuch a”. The exhibition was open until 12 July.


16.08 – the vernissage of the porcelain exhibition “Honey Flowing” by Stanislaw Brach, organised in cooperation with the Cultural Workshop in Lublin. The exhibition was open until 16 September.
28.08 – the vernissage of Krystyna Rudzka Przychoda’s paintings and Dr Lucjan Gazda’s amber collection “Amber Triangle – the Magic Symbol of the Union”. The exhibition was open to the public until 14 October.

11.09 – 14.09 – Two two-day qualifying sessions for the new 14th Academy for Theatre Practices were held.

02 – 06.10 – The Festival of XX(+2)-years of the Academy for Theatre Practices. The main idea of the festival was to show artistic achievements of people who were connected to the project of the Academy for Theatre Practices for over 20 years. It was attended by over 100 artists connected at some phase of their lives with the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” and their collaborators. In total, there were 16 performances, 8 concerts, a scientific conference on “Revised Pedagogy”, an art and multimedia exhibition devoted to the history of the Academy for Theatre Practices, presented partly in the interiors of the palace complex and partly in the open air – in the palace park in Gardzienice; preparation and presentation of a documentary film devoted to the Academy for Theatre Practices. Speeches by graduates of APT in the form of lectures entitled “My sensational and unique life and life in art”, showing the significance of the stay in Gardzienice for their lives and careers, as well as a preview (open rehearsal) of fragments of a new play by the theatre “Gardzienice” entitled Liberation (Wyzwolenie), based on Stanisław Wyspiański.
04 – 05.10 – conference “Pedagogy Revised”, in which participated, among others: Prof. Tomasz Wiśniewski, Prof. Zbigniew Benedyktowicz, Prof. Krzysztof Bielawski, Dr. Katarzyna Kręglewska, Krzysztof Miklaszewski, Niamh Dowling, Alexia Kokkali.
18 – 20.10 – a session for the Artes Liberales students of the University of Warsaw entitled V Introduction to the Liberated Arts took place, which included meetings and discussions with the staff of the Artes Liberales Faculty, as well as special theatre workshops.
24 – 27.10 – second session of the 14th Academy of Theatre Practices
24.10 – the vernissage of Ryszard Kaja’s exhibition of theatre posters “The Theatre Bar of the Malopolska World – Ryszard Kaja”. The exhibition could be seen until 7 December.

23.11 – a workshop session for the students of the Czacki Secondary School in Warsaw, in cooperation with the “Humanist Youth University” Foundation.
28.11 – 01.12 – third session of the 14th Academy for Theatre Practices.

11 – 15.12 – fourth session of the 14th Academy forTheatre Practices.
13.12 – first preview of a new Gardzienice performance – Wyzwolenie (Liberation) directed by Włodzimierz Staniewski and with music by Zygmunt Konieczny. Students of XIV APT took part in the show.
19.12 – vernissage of the exhibition of contemporary icons written using the classical method by participants of the workshop of icon writing led by dr Mykolaj Sobolivski. The exhibition could be seen until 10 January 2020.
The year 2020 was a challenging period for the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”. This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on the activities of cultural institutions introduced by the authorities of Poland and other countries. Those reasons led to the suspension of the Centre’s usual activities (i.e. all events with the audiences) in the period from mid-March to the end of May 2020, and then from mid-October to the end of the year. Consequently, it proved necessary to postpone some events until 2021 or to cancel them.

From January to December 2020, 11 Theatre Marathons were held, comprising 22 performance presentations and 11 film presentations. The plays presented were Iphigenia at Aulis, Iphigenia in Tauris, Pythian Oratorio, and The Wedding.

Four Open Sundays were held from June to September.

In the period from October to December, the programme “Gardzienice – Generator of Hope” lasted, as part of which young artists worked in the palace and park complex in Gardzienice on the realisation of two new artistic undertakings: “From Our Daily Newspapers” and “The Misery of the Misery”. Due to pandemic restrictions and the ban on organising events with the public, the performances were professionally recorded and broadcast on the Centre’s Facebook channel within the “Gardzienice Online” project.

In Gardzienice Gallery, 13 workshops for children and young people took place within the project “Art suits us”. The Internet also hosted a series of 9 episodes of workshop advice from the cycle “Art at home”, as well as three virtual workshops for children.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic became a reason to launch the programme “Gardzienice Online”. As part of these activities, the following specially prepared materials were produced and broadcast via the Centre’s social media channels (Facebook, YouTube) in 2020:
a film journey through the park and palace complex of the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” – with an introduction by Włodzimierz Staniewski – 5 parts;
a course of cheironomia (a technique of an actor’s gesture – “speaking with hands” used in ancient Greek theatre, reconstructed by “Gardzienice”) conducted by Joanna Holcgreber, with an introduction by Włodzimierz Staniewski and participation of “Gardzienice” theatre actors – 17 episodes;
reports from work on new performances:
“Liberation” (Wyzwolenie) by Wyspiański at the time of remote work of the “Gardzienice” Theatre
“Staniewski is figuring out Becket’s Eleutheria
As part of the project, film and television recordings of performances from the repertoire of the “Gardzienice” theatre were also broadcast on the Internet:
Wesele – Wyspiański – Malczewski – Konieczny
Iphigenia at Aulis – Polish and English versions, with a new introduction by Włodzimierz Staniewski,
Metamorphoses, with a new introduction by Włodzimierz Staniewski,
fragments of performances from the 1970s and 1980s, under the general title “Oldness and Antiquity”, with an introduction by Włodzimierz Staniewski,
Video reports of projects realised in 2019 are also included: the festival of the 20th anniversary of the Academy for Theatre Practices and the Festival of Youth Theatres “Kaleidoscope”.

2 performances – concerts performed by graduates of the Gardzienice Academy for Theatre Practices were professionally recorded and presented to the general public (via broadcast on Facebook):
From our daily newspapers – a production prepared within the project “Hope Generator” and a concert of the Mundinova band.
There were also presentations of historical exhibitions carried out in Gardzienice Gallery: on the Faceobook portal, on the profile of Gardzienice Gallery, over 70 episodes-reports of temporary exhibitions carried out over the several years of the project “Gardzienice Gallery” were posted in total.

16.01 – vernissage of Magdalena Szyszkowska’s painting exhibition “INNI” (“The Others”). The exhibition was open until 14 February
30.01 – 02.02 – the fifth session of the 14th APT.

20.02. the vernissage of Stanisław Baj’s painting exhibitions “Luminescences” and “Real Portrait”. The exhibitions could be seen till 15 March.
22.02 – a New Year Gathering took place in the Palace, including the concert of the Brass Band from Piaski, the concert of the Band of the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland, the marionette show for children “Nightingale” performed by the “Who’s There?” theatre from Świdnik, the concert of Monika Kowalczyk and the screening of fragments of the new performance by the “Gardzienice” theatre – Wyzwolenie.
20 – 23.02 – the sixth session of the 14th APT.

16 – 19.04 – The seventh session of XIV APT (online)

07 – 10.05 – the eighth session of XIV APT (online).
14 – 17.05 – the ninth session of XIV APT (online)
21.05 – opening of Mariusz Drzewiński’s painting exhibition “Structures and Spaces”. The exhibition was open until 24 July. Due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the vernissage took place online on Gardzienice’s Facebook page, and from June 6 the exhibition was made available directly.

06 – 07.06 – the tenth session of the 14th APT.
18 – 21.06 – The eleventh session of the 14th APT.
30.06 – a special screening of The Pythian Oratorio during the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Akcent literary magazine at the Meeting of Cultures Centre in Lublin.

12 – 26.08 – the twelfth session of the 14th APT.

24 – 27.09 – the thirteenth session of the 14th APT.

01.10 – vernissage of the exhibition of Władysław Hasior’s works “Mystery of an Object”. The exhibition was open until 30 October.
08 – 11.10 – The fourteenth session of the 14th APT.

19 – 20.11 – exhibition of photographs by Laura Makabresku “Consolation”. Due to sanitary restrictions, the exhibition was not available to the public and could only be viewed online.