Construction dating back to the seventeenth century, first served defensive functions, then it was rebuilt in the Baroque style, and after a few fires it was converted at the end of the nineteenth century to a courtly residence.

In 1944, the building became the property of the Treasury of Poland and was transferred to the People’s University in GARDZIENICE .

In 2001-2007 it was owned by Świdnik County.

Fast degradation of this monument threatened it to fall into complete ruin.

From 2008 palace passed to the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”.

Arian Chapel

Adjacent to the GARDZIENICE Palace there is an Arian Chapel, probably from the late sixteenth century.

The region of Gardzienice village was the main centre of the Reformation in the former Lublin Voivodeship. This is where most followers of the main theologian of Polish Brethren, Fausto Paolo Sozzini, were found.  In 1978, the Centre for Theatre Practices hired the Chapel from People’s University and restored it.

Rehearsals and performances were held in a small hall (5×7 meters), later named, after the title of performance, “Avvakum Hall”.

Until 1990, it was the only place of rehearsals and performances.