Project opening programme

OPENING OF THE PROJECT: “Practising history Norway and Poland – rediscovering time and space.
Inter-disciplinary undertaking of theatres: “Stella Polaris” and “Gardzienice” Centre for Theatre Practices (with partners) in thefield of theatre and film, music and dance, visual arts and academic reflection”
25 – 29 August 2021

◾️ 26th of August (Thursday) | Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin
14:00 Official Opening of the Project; Press Conference; Scholarly Part of the Conference; opening of the Exhibition “Journey”

◾️ 25-29 August (Wednesday-Sunday) | Park and Palace Complex in Gardzienice
Stella Polaris workshop in Gardzienice (participants take part in the show “Dream of the Shaman” 29.08)

◾️ 27th August (Friday) | “Gardzienice” Centre for Theatre Practices: Granary
19:00 performance “Legend of the Grand Birth”

◾️ 28th of August (Saturday) | Park and Palace Complex in Gardzienice
18:00 – performance of the “Footprint” (by Merete Klingen of Stella Polaris) | Park in Gardzienice, then a screening of fragments of the new production Stella Polaris | Granary

◾️ 29th of August (Sunday) | Theater Square in front of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin
19:00 – performance of the „Dream of the Shaman”

✲ Cost: free admission. 
Tickets are valid for the performances on 27.08 and 28.08

☏ +48 81 532 98 40 – Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00
☏ +48 81 582 13 98 – only: on the day of the performance


A scenic presentation of how five different European cultures view their own myths of how the world was created. Exploring legends through poetic texts, dance, film and movement. Created with funding through ”Creative Europe ” a programme of the European Union. Script developed in cooperation with Director Nikolas Kamtsis of the Greek Aeroplio-Topos Allou Theatre.


A performance art project created and performed by Merete Klingen of Stella Polaris. Klingen has dived into the lives and stories of her foremothers dating all the way back to 1675, looking for connections and ties to her life and her self. What lies in our DNA? How can we change our DNA to pass on the strength, the wisdom and the unconditional love of our ancestral mothers to coming generations?
Conceptualisation and performance: Merete Klingen
Direction: Per Spildra Borg
Music: Gabriel Klingen Borg, Lars Beckstrøm, Andreas Strand Renberg


Ancient Nordic times considered poeple with skills to be shamans and priestesses. They lead ceremonies where mythology was enacted, exposing the very depth of Nordic folklore. This performance is inspired by these tales and it’s rituals celebrate life, nature and heritage.
Borg is leading a workshop culiminating in this performance, working with his own cast and local participants to re-create this performance on site of different venues and new casts at every performance.
The performance is created, directed and performed by Per Spildra Borg


Opening: 26 August, 6pm.
Exhibition date: 26 August – 17 October 2021 (daily from 12:00 to 18:00 except Mondays).
Venue: Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, City Project -1. Free entrance

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