Summer Intensive

“Gardzienice” Summer Intensive

Every summer, the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” invites around twenty people of diverse ages and nationalities to live, work, and train intensively with the company for 16 days. The participants are deeply immersed in the ongoing projects of the Centre as well as in learning about its rich history.

The Summer Intensive consists of:

  • The characteristic methods of actor training developed by the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” over the last 40 years.
  • Vocal and musical techniques derived from Ancient Greek music and Eastern European traditions.
  • Cheironomia (the Art of Gesture inspired by ancient Greek iconography).
  • Individual, partner, and group etudes.
  • Mutuality exercises, night running.
  • Presentations of performances from Gardzienice’s current repertoire.
  • Open rehearsals and work demonstrations.
  • Participation in the company’s work on new theatrical material.
  • Screenings of films documenting the company’s history and expeditions.
  • Excursions to the sites of cultural heritage in the Lublin area.

There are approximately six hours of training each day, beginning at 10am.The classes and exercises are conducted both indoors and outdoors – in the wilderness. The participants are housed in guest rooms located on the theatre premises. Throughout the duration of the workshop, they are encouraged to create a sense of communality, e.g. by dining together. The participants are assisted by a group of Polish students from the Academy of Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”. Participation in the Summer Intensive opens the possibility for further cooperation with the company. 

Susan Sontag

The achievements of “Gardzienice” come as a wonderful gift… Under the inspired leadership of Włodzimierz Staniewski, the “Gardzienice” group are, in my view, one of few essential theatre companies working anywhere in the world today.

"Gardzienice’s" training – Alison Hodge, 'Twentieth Century Actor Training', Routledge 1999

For the last 30 years the “Gardzienice” Theatre has based itself in a tiny village in rural eastern Poland, but performances and workshops have taken it abroad to theaters and festivals all around the world. The company has become well known for its rigorous investigation of indigenous and ancient musical traditions, its powerful physical and vocal techniques, its commitment to the creation of theatre in a natural environment, and its emphasis on principles of mutuality and musicalit (…)

 If you would like to participate, please send a letter of interest, a CV and a photo to:  (include “Summer Intensive” in the subject line).