Theater workshops


Workshop Sessions in Theatre Practices

The program is aimed at young people in humanities and theatre classes, youth in amateur theatre movement, culture practitioners, teachers and theatre instructors.

Participants are introduced to elements of the Gardzienice method through:

  • Movement – especially exercises in “mutuality”,
  • Music – harmonic singing featuring fragments of ancient Greek music and traditional songs from various cultures,
  • Cheironomia – ancient art of combining words with gestures,
  • Text interpretation,
  • Individual and group presence on stage; the classical opposition of the Choir and the Protagonist.

The workshop session can also include:

  • screenings of films and audiovisual materials from the archives of Centre for Theatre Practices,
  • presentations of the performances from the Centre’s current repertoire,
  • demonstrations of the acting techniques,
  • thematic discussions.


Workshop sessions are usually held in the headquarters of the Centre in Gardzienice, Poland; however, there is also a possibility to arrange for a workshop in other locations. The ideal number of participants is 12 – 40.


Coordination: Anna Dąbrowska