The old shed

Equipment of the theater space:

The shed room

The area of ​​the whole room is 86 m2

Stage area 58m2

Stage width 10.30m

5.5m depth of the stage

Height to the ceiling 5m

Height to the truss 4.70 m

Seats on stage 75

Seating on balcony stairs 16

Seating under stairs 10


DMX-Alfa 48 controller

8 x Zoom Profile ETC Junior 575W

8 x PC1000W

4 x PC 650W

2 x Flood Light 500W for the house

4 x PAR 56 – 350W-500W

1 x American DJ Mega Tri Bar 18 x 3W TRILED – beam 1m


Yamaha 01V96i digital mixer

2 x JBL EON 15 G2


1 x Sennheiser FP35

4 x IMG Stage Line ECM-250


Acer P5290 – DLP, 1024 x 768, 3700: 1

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