Academy for theatre practices


The Academy for Theater Practices “Gardzienice”


was initiated by Włodzimierz Staniewski in September 1997 and follows a curriculum based on the artistic objectives he formulated. The 2-year course consists of monthly sessions, each 4 to 5 days. The sessions are held in Gardzienice; occasionally, the students also attend residential sessions in other locations.

After completing the first year of the Academy, the students begin developing their final performance.

The classes are taught by the artistic ensemble of the Centre for Theatre Practices in Gardzienice as well as by teachers and scholars from Poland and abroad.

The graduates of the Academy are invited to participate in the performances from the Centre’s repertoire and other artistic projects. They also have the possibility to develop their own creative initiatives.

The uniqueness of the Academy for Theatre Practices lies in the combination of means of expression derived from experimental theatre, classical theatre, and native Polish folklore. As such, the Academy aims to build bridges between the so-called “high culture” and “mass culture”.

Participants are selected form amng the Polish and foreign candidates based on their entry submissions and an audition. Students include, for example: culture practitioners in local communities, instructors and actors of amateur theatre groups, students and graduates – mainly of humanities and theatre schools.

On completing the Academy Course, students will receive a certificate signed by all lecturers and tutors. Selected students from the Academy for Theatre Practices GARDZIENICE participate in projects carried out both at the Centre for Theatre Practices in GARDZIENICE (theatrical marathons implemented within the repertoire of the theatre) and in trips and performances in Poland and abroad. Some participate in international workshop sessions such as Sumer Intensive; an annual, international course for actors and directors with special interest in GARDZIENICE’s work and history. Students of the Academy initiate and lead many cultural and artistic projects, for example: Festival of the Wandering Theatres, “Off-Confrontations” Festival, concerts, workshops and lectures.

Final presentations of the successive Academy courses:

SCENES FROM THE DEAD CLASS, directed by Krzysztof Miklaszewski (II course of the Academy)

MET E’MOI on the basis of IPHIGENIA IN AULIS directed by P. Passini (II course of the Academy)

SCENES FROM AVVAKUM – artistic supervision W.Staniewski (III course of the Academy)

FRANCOIS’ VASE – artistic supervision M.Gołaj, J. Holcgreber (IV and V course of the Academy)

GYPSY IPHIGENIA – artistic supervision W.Staniewski (VI Course Academy)

THE ODYSSEY – artistic supervision W.Staniewski (VII course of the Academy)

NON-HUMAN COM.MEDIA – artistic supervision W.Staniewski (VIII course of the Academy)

SUPERMARKET AND NATIONAL VOODOO directed by J.Timingeriu – a graduate of the Academy Course VI (IX course of the Academy)

THE LAST TIME – based on H. Ibsen, “Masterbuilder” (XI course of Academy)

THE SCENES FROM ‘WESELE’ – based on the motifs of “The Wedding” by S. Wyspiański; artistic supervision: Włodzimierz Staniewski (XII course of the Academy, 2014-2016)
KROTOCHWILA or HISTOY of GARDZIENICE in 5 MINUTES – directed by Maciej Gorczyński, graduate of the V Academy course (XIII course ofthe Academy, 2017-2018)
FINEGANS WAKE – based on James Joyce’s ‘Finnegans Wake’; directed by Maciej Gorczyński – (XIII course of the Academy) 
ELEUTHERIA – Samuel Beckett’s ELEUTHERIA, translated by Antoni Libera; artistic supervision: Włodzimierz Staniewski (XIV course of the Academy, 2019-2021)